“Oh my, where could I begin? I took absolute pleasure in every moment . . He met my passions and desires with proficiency and sensual prowess… He is a very intelligent, very meticulous and intuitive Dom! I would certainly engage in this type of play again with him, and intend to…”
Jane – Toronto, ON

Your private session with Me will be unique and intensely satisfying. In My presence, you will be freed to explore your deeper needs and desires. To experience with all your senses… with your whole, awakened mind and body… how it feels to be released, under My control.

Desire has many forms.

Whether yours are shaped by discipline and firm correction…

Or by the weightless sensations of bondage and restraint…

Or by the powerful energies connecting Dominant and submissive…

…the form matters less than the outcome, and the breathless intensity of the journey.

Within our journey, you will feel desire in its most sophisticated and its most primitive forms.

Desire built from layers of emotional resonance… through which I will guide you, beyond fulfillment… to new discoveries.

Our time together will not come to an end, after your experience is over. The thoughts, sensations, lessons, discoveries, and release that you find with Me… will stay with you, long after you leave the headspace that I’ve created for you.


I am inclusive and non-judgmental; I play with individuals and couples – regardless of gender, orientation, age, race, and physical ability. I do not compare you to others. Everybody is different – and that is okay.

Your experience with Me – your Dominant – will be that of complete surrender of control. Letting go at this level brings deeper rewards… beyond emotional and physical release, to transcendence and personal revelation.

It also requires trust, which is why communication is essential.

The best sessions – ones which flow naturally and bring deep pleasure to both Dom and sub – are based on communication. Before we meet, I will learn about your interests and experience level. This means that your experience with Me will be uniquely tailored to you.

Beyond this, the key difference with a highly experienced professional Dominant is the level of communication which occurs during a session. My submissive’s reactions form a language which I read with great care, and I will adjust our activities and intensity levels within your capabilities.

For a beginner, My aim will be that you are challenged but not overwhelmed. For a more experienced submissive, I may play with your intensity thresholds. Following any session, both Dom and sub should be delighted with their experiences and desire more.


Your session will be safe, sane and consensual. I follow widely accepted BDSM principles and practice risk aware consensual kink (RACK). In RACK, you may use safe words – which are “YELLOW” and “RED” with Me.

YELLOW means that you’re enjoying things, but you’re getting close to your limit.

RED means stop, check in, and do something else.

You may also provide feedback and suggestions when asked during our scene, for Me to decide on the next course of action.


For each individual, there will be activities or areas of play which you choose – or need – to avoid. Your submission to Me will take place within a pre-negotiated framework, and your limits will be respected.

Just as you have limits which must be respected, so do I. These are the areas which I have no interest in playing with:

Vomit. Scat. Race play. Switching. Any activities which cannot be regarded as safe, sane and consensual.



This level is suitable for you if you are new to this and would like to explore your desires.

We may focus on your areas of interest – such as bondage, impact, discipline, and Domination/submission – but your session will allow you to experience a range of activities which may excite you.

You might or might not be clear about your fantasy… this doesn’t matter. This session will allow you to discover what excites you, at the core levels. It is an introduction – your first step – on your life journey in becoming the real you – and I am your guide.

There is no edge play at this level.

For intensity, scenes are a 3 on a scale of 1-10. More important, I will read your reactions and feedback, and decide how to proceed based on that input.

You will find that I am patient, considerate, empathic and compassionate – amidst my edgier side. In any case, this is your first big step; it is not a test of what your limits are.

I will teach you protocol in dealing with Me, as your Dominant, and the best practices of safe, sane, risk aware, consensual kink. You will be educated, and you will set a new bar of personal enjoyment.

It’s understandable if you are nervous and anxious. I will appreciate that when you take this step with Me… and you will be glad that you did so.


You’ve had some experience, but you haven’t fully found your place in kink yet.

On this level, we explore your inhibitions and desires.

I will reach deeper into you… to bring forth those fantasies and desires you’ve been been yearning to experience.

I will start to find the real you deep within.

I will introduce you to headspace beyond the highs of the subspace that you have begun to experience at the beginner level.

We are now exploring ways for you to let go of what little control you wish to have in our scene… and simply enjoy the excitement, ecstasy and elation of kink.

A checklist can be provided to register your interest and experience with different activities, and we may explore those which you’ve discovered affect you most deeply.

This is not about ‘harder’; nor is it about ‘more’. Our aim is to create intensity and depth of feeling… to provoke, inspire, and awaken you… and to transport you to that deeper place you’ve been longing to reach.

Although it is an extension and deeper exploration of your initial discovery of your kink, it continues to be your guidance in My way.

This will remain our exploration of our journey together.


You now know what you like and don’t like, and you’ve honed in on what your desires are.

At this level, you seek satisfaction from something you can’t find anywhere else. Edge play is a possibility which we can negotiate after we’ve established our two-way level of trust.

Subs with masochistic tendencies are a delight to Me. The key is not in the specific activities or sensations… it is in how you process these… and in the taking and willing surrender of control.

I will take you to deeper headspace, guiding you in a way that only a profoundly experienced BDSM Master can… to the places where you may discover the real you.

In mind, heart and body, I will take you to a whole new level. Here, we go beyond our immediate environment and become the ebb and flow of energy in our scene dynamic.

We will continue to explore advanced activities, and I will continue to broaden your horizons.

On this level, I will also test you and push you farther than you’ve ever gone before. I will expect you to grow and move towards self-discovery. You will find satisfaction in your achievement, and liberation of your innermost self.

On this level, it is like Zen for you and Me in that suspended moment of kink. It is no longer a destination… but rather the journey as the destination itself.


In addition to play experiences for individuals or couples, I provide BDSM Coaching for those who wish to learn techniques and activities – in a safe and well-equipped environment, from an experienced professional.

If you wish to meet Me but are not yet ready to book a session, you may request a Consultation over Coffee. There, we can discuss your interests and perhaps plan a future play experience.

If you desire something a little different, you might request a Date With a Dom… and spend an evening getting to know Me over dinner and stimulating conversation.

For those who wish to submit to Me, but live further afield or cannot meet in person… I offer Training by Phone, Email or Text. This method of domination reveals the psychological and emotional power of BDSM. You will feel Me deep inside your mind, if you request training through this medium.

See the Tribute page for detailed information on all of the above possibilities.

“My session with Master Tom was one of the most intense, emotional experiences of my life. I felt pain, euphoria and pleasure all in one session and was finally able to connect to my true sexuality deep inside me… I feel more sexually, emotionally, and mentally confident.”
Kaitlian – Toronto, ON



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