If you have a sense that we are compatible, and are ready to request a session, fill out the form below and I will be in touch to confirm your interest.

Note that just as you are taking a big step in choosing a real Dom, I’m selective about who I meet.

My time is often accounted for, and I prefer those who are well mannered, with a willingness to follow my directions on how to behave appropriately. For those who are new to Dom/sub protocol, I will provide guidance.

As previously mentioned, I am inclusive: I play with individuals and with couples… with people of all genders, orientations, and abilities… of all ethnic and social backgrounds… and across a wide range of ages.

Pre-booking your session days ahead of time, and providing the information in the following form, will speed the initial stage along… so we can move on to the interesting part of planning our special session.

If you are still uncertain for any reason, I highly recommend that you request a consultation over coffee – meeting in person, in a public location – before booking an actual session.

This is your motivation… your opportunity to explore your deeper desires and satisfy your curiosity…

To travel to the heart of your fantasies with Me… and discover what lies beyond them…

To take that step, under My guidance…

To bring your desires… and yourself… to life.

Master Tom The Pro Dom

NOTE: PRIVACY, SAFETY AND DISCRETION ARE TOP PRIORITIES. Those qualities are non-negotiable and go hand-in-hand with the level I operate on. The information you provide for a session will only be read by me for booking purposes. All sessions are private and kept confidential between just you and Me.

Sir, I have thoughtfully provided the information you requested. I realize that I might be asked to verify by phone or text message before we proceed with the session planning. I also understand the acceptance of my request means that I will abide by some basic rules, which includes timely responses to your messages and respectful communication. Additional rules and protocol will be given to me as I embark on my journey. Last, I am aware my time with you is shaped by surrender, learning and risk aware consensual kink.

In-house / Outcall / Couples Session Length and Tribute*:
60 minutes @ $300
90 minutes @ $450
2 hours @ $600
3 hours @ $900
4 hours @ $1200
5+ hours – Inquire

Date With A Dom / Coaching Session Tribute*:
60 minutes @ $250
2 hours @ $500
3 hours @ $750
4 hours @ $1000

Consult Over Coffee Tribute*:
30 minutes @ $100
60 minutes @ $200

Training By Phone or Text Message Tribute:
30 minutes @ $100
60 minutes @ $200

Training By Email Tribute:
4 Emails @ $100

*Pre-paid deposit may be required.