Who Am I?

I am well established as the world’s most recognized and respected professional male Dom, bondage master and disciplinarian.

Articulate and intelligent, you’ll discover a professional male Dominant who will engage your mind as well as your physical being.

I specialize in kink, fetish, and BDSM:

Accepting and embracing different sexual identities and preferences…

Overturning conventions and offering relief from social roles…

And applying My knowledge of psychological and physiological states of submission and ecstasy.

I am inclusive and accepting of all ethnic and social backgrounds, orientations, and professions. Our universal existence rejects judgement and prejudice.

My Background

Born and raised in Canada, I’m university educated and have experience in the corporate world and in business as an entrepreneur. My personal studies range across many subjects, with a particular interest in psychology. I speak on many levels, and you will find your interactions with Me smart, stimulating, and engaging.

Physically I’m strong, yet balanced in My unassuming body size. Athletic in nature, I keep a physique that reflects the healthy and active lifestyle I maintain. I have a background in martial arts, and can move you with dominant force – or impose what you most need in submission.

Supplement this with years of music and dance training, and you’ll find grace and finesse in the way I move you with My touch.

You will find Me authentic, with versatility in character. In My daily life, I am the distinguished gentleman of class in suit and tie… and the edgy biker in jeans and leather. I am the image of the powerful sexual man to worship.

I have travelled worldwide for business, cultural immersion and adventure. These life experiences have given Me deep insight into human nature, desire, and sexuality – and informed My open-minded nature as a Dominant.

They have also challenged Me to be bolder… and open to new experiences.

From public speaking before large audiences, to stepping into the ring to fight…

From climbing mountains, to scuba diving in the ocean depths…

And from flying a plane, to staging theatrical performances at kink venues…

My life experiences have pushed Me to overcome obstacles, confront fears… and continually seek new discoveries.

We all begin somewhere. I have studied and worked as a student and as a successful businessman, in addition to the more extraordinary of My experiences… and these periods of My life brought valuable lessons in leadership and personal development.

What is it which allows a person to live to the fullest – to grow, achieve, and fully engage with life? Over time, I have discovered that it is the deep acceptance of self. In accepting ourselves – our deepest natures – we allow ourselves to seek new experiences… and to learn from them.

Our sexual natures are at the very core of who we are. Denial of our desires creates shame and resistance within our lives. Exploring our fantasies – and finding outlets for our deeper desires – allows us to heal, learn, and grow.

In embracing our true natures, we feel a deep sense of peace. We experience joy, connection, and states of heightened mindfulness.

I have taken this journey, and I now take great pleasure in leading others to self-acceptance and discovery.

Under My guidance, we will travel to the heart of your desires and discover the real you: the unique strengths and imaginative powers at the core of your being.

“I want to thank you so much for this experience… I am very grateful to you and our session. I didn’t think this would be so impactful and transformative. It has opened my heart up deeply and has awakened a strength and confidence in me.”
Brian K. – Cincinnati, OH

My Submissives

I appreciate each of My submissives for their unique qualities.

From My youngest, at 18, to My eldest, currently 80. You are neither too old nor too inexperienced to begin your journey with Me.  Our experience will ultimately be one of deep emotional and psychological resonance… and there are many physical gateways to reach that headspace.

It is My role as your Dom to take you on a journey of discovery, using the paths uniquely suited to you.

I play with individuals and with couples; with people of all genders, orientations, and abilities; and all ethnic and social backgrounds.

The one unifying quality of all My submissives is their curiosity and passion in exploring their desires.

I am at a level where I have become: it is neither pretend, nor role play. I relish being the genuine Me.

I’ve gone through the rite of passage of learning about Myself, My desires, the nuances of the mind and body, and the growth of wisdom from experience.

This self-knowledge allows Me to naturally take on a teaching role. I take pleasure in the wisdom and growth My submissives achieve.

In My presence, you are safe to explore those thoughts, fantasies, and ideas that society may deem taboo… and in the exploration, discover your true nature and hidden strengths.

“…A true guru doesn’t just teach, but also gives direct experience. This is what I feel you do for me. You give me direct experience of vulnerability, of openness, of freedom, of surrender. Direct experience is priceless. In my life, you are one of my important gurus, so I want to thank you deeply now for all that you have done for me and all that you have shown me. It truly is priceless. With love and gratitude.”
E.M. – Montreal, QC

An Intuitive Dominant

BDSM is an integral part of My life, and that naturally led Me to become a professional many years ago.

I proudly apply intuition and insight to My practice. With an open mind and heart, I attract a variety of followers of different nuances and walks of life. I draw on My understanding of the psyche, sexuality, human desires and needs… along with practical skills, expertise, specialized tools and equipment to perform My craft.

I treat trust as sacred in relation to care and ethics. BDSM takes many forms and however our session takes shape, you will find My dominance balanced by compassion and empathy.

This is My play time. It is responsive, experimental, and transformative in nature. This is My enjoyment in the exploration of your desires and fantasies, in the shadow of My identity.

Here, you will feel arousal and connection on a deeper level… within the powerful energies which flow between Dom and sub.

My Experience…

I take pride in the ongoing development of My expertise in BDSM and human sexuality, and in My refinement in the craft as a professional Dom.

My deep interest in BDSM means an equally deep commitment to learning. As an example, I have invested thousands of dollars into learning the art of Japanese rope bondage over several years… and this was simply the first stage in learning one of many complex skills.

Before doing any major activity with a sub, as part of My learning I will have experienced it on the receiving end Myself.

My knowledge and experience allow Me to play at advanced levels with those who seek intensity… but I find equal pleasure in engaging with new submissives. If you are a novice, I will teach, train, and guide you to meet your potential… fulfill your fantasies… and discover your deepest desires.

…And Your Experience

Your fantasy may be that with a Daddy, Boss, Sensei, Captor, Commander, Doctor, or Devilishly Handsome Gentleman… it does not matter. In My presence, in submission, you may bring that to life.

Our session will be about sharing interests and experiences, and in this sharing of interests we will open up new experiences and forge trust. With this trust, I will intuitively take us somewhere new.

Our journey. Your journey to self-actualization, and My journey to delightful new discovery.

In the end, you will feel at peace, revived, and relieved. You will earn cathartic release, ecstasy, wisdom, revelation and deep insight after your experiences in the hands of a Master.