Our session can take place in various ways and in different settings. The tribute you bring to show appreciation and acknowledgement for the different types of sessions are as follows:

In-House Session

I will meet you at one of the studio locations of my choosing. The studios are clean, safe and private for your comfort.

In-house sessions provide you the best choice of BDSM tools, furnishings, surroundings and activities to stimulate your mind and body. This variety will depend on the venue. From ominous and the best in the country, to one that is cozy and relaxing, your setting is selected according to what fits your interests and experience level. Your tribute includes our private use of the venue.

2 hours @ $1000
3 hours @ $1500
4 hours @ $2000
5+ hours – Enquire


Outcall Session

When you prefer the comfort of your own home, AirBnB or hotel within the GTA, I will bring my toy bag and join you. You can rely on both my discretion and inventiveness for these sessions.

90 minutes @ $600
2 hours @ $800
3 hours @ $1200
4 hours @ $1600
5+ hours – Enquire


Consultation Over Coffee

A stimulating in-person consultation over coffee, at a downtown location. This is the option to choose if you want to understand how a session works… to learn about the various aspects of kink… to discuss a challenge you face… to get to know me… and / or perhaps to plan our scene. This does not include play time.

$200 / hour


Consultation By Email

Perhaps you are too far away to see me in person. Or your consultation with me is best communicated in writing. Let us dialogue your one pressing issue by computer, tablet or smart phone at your comfortable pace.

$200 (per issue)


BDSM Coaching – For Couples or Singles

If you are new to the lifestyle, want to expand your horizons, or are simply curious, come as a couple or individually to learn how to add extra spice to your personal play. Discover new activities and techniques you might like, and learn the variety of kink and best practices you may add to your current repertoire. These sessions are hosted at your location.

90 minutes @ $600
2 hours @ $800
3 hours @ $1200
4 hours @ $1600


“My wife has a boundless sexual appetite and, while we have a very active and satisfying sex life, her needs for gratification regularly exceed what she gets at home.

So I decided to give her the loving gift of a visit to Master Tom.

She experienced absolute bliss and countless, body-shuddering mind-blowing orgasms. Master Tom’s skill at kink and orgasm play delivered ecstasy and fulfilment she had never before enjoyed. He is compassionate, professional, fit and sexy beyond belief! His knowledge of a woman’s erogenous zones and his ability to stimulate a woman’s urges are unsurpassed.

I would recommend Master Tom to any husband who really wants his wife to be very, very happy!”

S.H. – Toronto, ON

Couple’s Cuckold

Cuckolding is fast becoming known as ‘the intellectual fetish’ – an emotionally complex and psychologically rewarding pursuit which appeals equally to those who love to watch… and those who love to be watched.

What is the irresistible attraction here…? Is it the sight of your partner surrendering to pleasure at My hand… Or the secret thrill you feel at the image of your partner tightly restrained and watching as you submit to My control? Perhaps your desire is for both of you to receive discipline from Me… ordered to please or deny each other however I choose.

Whatever it is that draws you, couples who explore their submissive and sensory desires under My control will find a new and deeper appreciation of each other. Seeing your partner connecting with and being appreciated by a Dominant will be a pleasurable awakening for both of you to share… and a memory which you will recall in passionate moments for years to come. These sessions are hosted at your location.

90 minutes @ $750
2 hours @ $1000
3 hours @ $1500
4 hours @ $2000


Date With A Dom

Perhaps it is your secret fantasy to be whisked off your feet by a devilishly handsome suited gentleman… to discuss your deepest desires over a romantic dinner… or to engage in stimulating conversation that merely hints at the kinky…

All the while squirming in your seat as I trace a finger lightly over the remote control beside My glass…

Wondering if I will press it just as the waiter comes to take your order…

Kink wears many different suits… it is a state of mind, not an activity. Stretch your imagination… and consider all the ways in which I may tease your senses and take control during our date.

Date With A Dom - Master Tom The Dom

This is also an option for those who would like to spend time with Me before booking a play session on another occasion. You will experience the flow of energy between Dominant and submissive, in the familiar setting of a restaurant or bar.

Either way, this secret dynamic – invisible to all but ourselves – will be a delight to us both.

2 hours @ $700
3 hours @ $1000
4 hours @ $1200
5+ hours – Enquire


In addition to in-house and outcall sessions, you may engage me remotely from your rivate location. You can be dominated and trained by phone or SMS text message – whichever you prefer.

For some, this is a first step towards meeting me in person. For others, remote training is a kink in itself. The emotional, psychological nature of D/s is such that it transcends distance and can be intimate and rewarding even from afar.

Simply fill out the session request questionnaire on the contact form page. Once you have been accepted and your electronic fund transfer (Bank eTransfer, PayPal or Bitcoin) is completed, your training may begin.

“Thank you so much for the phone call last night, Sir. What an entrancing experience! It seems magical to be thousands of miles from you, but feel so close to you. And it felt wonderful to be listened to that deeply.

Your voice was reassuring, hypnotic and sensual. Before we spoke I wasn’t sure how to describe what I wanted to you… it seemed all mixed up in my head! But you made perfect sense of it. I loved it when you ordered me to answer you. The edge of sadistic pleasure I could hear in your voice when you granted or denied my pleas was exactly what I’d been longing to hear.

I was right there with you while you were saying all those wonderful things to me. I sometimes write fantasies for myself or read other people’s, but nothing compares to the feeling of being led into that space by a skilful Dom. It feels like coming home and like an adventure at the same time!

The feeling of floating stayed with me for a long while afterwards. You have a mixture of warmth and darkness that touches me to the core.”

Megan – Scotland, UK

Training By Text Message Or Phone Call

Let me take you on a journey, deep into your submissive imagination. We will explore your desires together, as I guide you to the places which arouse your mind and stir your emotions most intensely. Your experience will be of the body as well as the mind… as you close your eyes and follow my voice through the landscapes I create for you, you will feel yourself responding to the imagery… your heart pounding, your body trembling… or perhaps a sense of deep calm and submissive peace.

As you follow My directions, you will climb with Me to great heights… until you are at the peak, aching with exertion… ready to beg Me for mercy…

Imagination is the most powerful sexual tool we have. When you submit to Me in this way, I will take control of your thoughts… and show you what your mind is truly capable of.

We will arrange the time for the live text (SMS, WhatsApp or Skype) or phone call session once your tribute fund transfer has completed.

$100 / half hour


You may also bring additional gifts (see Amazon gift registry) – if you are so inclined to show extra appreciation.

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