I am well established as the world’s most recognized and respected male pro Dom.

Articulate and intelligent, you’ll discover a professional male Dominant who will engage your mind as well as your physical being. I am trusted, and represent an important figure in society. I am the image of the powerful sexual man to worship.

This is My craft, and I am true to the art.

I deal with kink and fetish – accepting and embracing different sexual identities and preferences – overturning paradigms and offering relief from social roles, while holding the knowledge of psychological and psychological states of submission and ecstasy.

I am inclusive and accepting of all ethnic and social backgrounds, orientation, and professions. Our universal existence supersedes judgement and prejudice.

I’m spiritual but not religious. I believe in universal power and order, and apply those to My actions.

I’m authentic with versatility in character. I am the distinguished gentleman of class and the biker in jeans and leather. I am your night teacher, love preacher, pain giver, joy seeker, toy bearer, pleasure maker, fear creator, care taker, and more.

I am at a level where I have become: it is not pretend nor role play. I relish being the genuine Me.

I’ve gone through the rite of passage in learning about Myself, My desires, the nuances of the mind and body, and the growth of wisdom from experience.

I proudly apply intuition and insight to My practice. With an open mind and heart, I attract a variety of followers of different nuances and walks of life. I draw on My understanding of the psyche, sexuality, human desires and needs, along with practical skills, expertise, specialized tools and equipment to perform My craft.

Today, I treat trust as sacred with the tact of care and ethics. While I am sadistic, I am paradoxically compassionate, empathetic and merciful.

This is My play time. It is intuitive, responsive, experimental, theatrical, transformative in nature. This is My enjoyment in the exploration of your desires and fantasies in the shadow of My identity.

Master Tom

Born and raised in Canada, I’m university educated and have experience in the corporate world and in business as an entrepreneur. I speak on many levels, and you will find your interactions with Me smart, stimulating, and engaging.

Physically I’m strong, yet balanced in my unassuming body size. Athletic in nature, I keep a physique that reflects the healthy and active lifestyle I maintain. I have a background in martial arts, and can move you with dominant force – or inflict what you most need in submission.

Supplement this with years of music and dance training, and you’ll find grace and finesse in the way the I move you with My touch.

I take pride in the ongoing development of My expertise in BDSM and human sexuality, and in My refinement in the craft as a professional Dom.

BDSM has been an integral part of My life, and that naturally led Me to become a professional many years ago.

In all, your fantasy may be that with a Daddy, Boss, Sensei, Captor, Commander, Doctor, or Devilishly Handsome Gentleman… it does not matter. In My presence you may bring so much of that to flesh in submission.

I am your alternate world where you will find sanctuary… where you will come to call home.