Testimony From Among The Best Of The Best

This session feedback – shared with permission – was from a client who was among the best of the best sessions. Enjoy!

Dear Master Tom,

We are back in Sacramento and I wanted to write my feedback for you whilst things are still fresh in my mind.

First and foremost, thank you for taking the time and patience with me over the last however long its been to tolerate my nerves and jumbled thought processes, and rambling emails and crazy texts,  and to bear with me to get to a place where I was able to achieve a wonderfully cathartic and healing experience. It takes a special person to actually stop and work me out and put up with all my foibles. I am so glad that my husband knows me as well as he does, and insisted I follow through on these sessions instead of cancelling them, as I have honestly had the most wonderful time with you and feel like I achieved something I perhaps never though possible. At the risk of sounding weird, I do believe people come into our lives for a reason and I hope that you feel proud of what you helped me achieve and can realize the difference  in my life your interaction will make going forward and the baggage I will now ditch. 

Our first session of dinner and drinks was a lot of fun. Its pleasure for me to eat with someone who can verge on the more adventurous side of food and who can actually appreciate and critique. As we have said before my mind is busy and enquiring and needs constant stimulation and there are few people who can keep up with me. You are chivalrous, eloquent and genuinely funny and it was a pleasure to spend an evening in your company. Thank you for walking me back to the Airbnb nearby, actually that was a genuinely lovely thing to do, and my husband really appreciated that touch.

As a couple, our marriage is incredibly strong and by getting to know you, has only strengthened, with your mentoring and tutoring. Its genuinely inspiring to meet someone who not only respects our relationship but gives genuine thought and care as to how to nurture it. You have the perfect balance of respecting a partnership and then thinking about how to add to it; knowing when to step in and when to step out. We would both wholeheartedly reassure and recommend others considering seeking your input to their marriage. If more people had the confidence to invest in their marriages with the aid of a professional,  the world would be a much happier place. 

As a young woman who has undergone bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction, I was obviously incredibly nervous. The time and care you took to understand my surgery, my recovery and to start to restore a sense of femininity and sexuality without at any point making me feel vulnerable or disfigured was genuinely beautiful. 

Our second session was just plain good fun and naughty and exactly what I needed it to be!!  Fun Tom is super fun and an absolute joy. Honestly, I don’t think I would have been able to do that session with you – even a few weeks ago-  and the patience you took to get me to the point of trust and going ahead with it is admirable. Actually, the confession I know I was a little restrained on but there was a lot more going on in my head and I felt relieved and strangely peaceful afterwards. Moving on in that session, the pleasure that I derived from seeing the naughtiness in you, and in wanting to please you, to please my own Dom, was immense. Your laugh is the most wonderful sound!! The rope play was so skillful and artful and totally unlike anything I have ever experienced  and I would definitely like to explore that more with you. 

Breakfast was an added bonus and actually, whilst unscheduled, was the loveliest way for my husband to become a part of our session. He really enjoyed watching us reminisce and laugh, and said how secure he felt at hearing the stories and feeling there was genuine fun and a genuine sense of the care that you had taken of me, for him. Laughing about the dead animal/barbecue tool was just too funny. Jones trusts men with great difficulty. I’m not sure quite what link you made with him previously, but for my husband to be able to say not only can you take my wife out for dinner and allow her to drink, and then walk her home, and then meet up and do all manner of naughty things, and then make her orgasm and then sit down and tell me all about it….. it blows my mind. 

And then of course most importantly…..how can we not mention you and your kilt. Honestly, the effort you made and the way you carried it and owned that look made my day. You looked absolutely awesome and I was honoured to have that experience with you. Thank you.

Thank you for a wonderful couple of days. I really hope we can stay in touch and would relish the opportunity to spend time with you again.


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