Post Session Report – August 2018

Hello Sir,

I’d first like to apologize for taking so long to write this report for you. Our session gave me many things to reflect upon and work through. For a while I wasn’t even sure where to start with this actually. However the start of the session will have to suffice I think.
The setting was the perfect choice for the type of session we planned. Even before I walked into the room my mind was already entering the right space. It was quite thrilling to see the dungeon before me.
Then, when you tied me to the chair, siezed me about my head and neck while dragging your combat knife upon my neck and jaw would be when my head fully entered the space for the scene. Everything you did beyond that only helped deepen the feeling of being taken and losing my control. Of me fully handing over control to your desires. Your laughter at my grunts, groans, gasps and moans did their own part in that as well.
When you switched gears from the chair to doing a tie on me and then suspending me. It truly felt like flying. I’ve been hanging out the side of a X with less of a flying feeling. Hanging there had my adrenaline pumping and brought the world into the sharpest focus. Utterly magnificent is really all I can say for suspension.
I believe that as you were strapping me to the pole the full feeling of being taken set itself into me. I could barely move. Not even the slightest when you were putting those binder clips onto… more sensitive areas. The second you started pulling them all off was when I entered subspace. All warmed and fuzzed up there I just wanted you to keep on doing what you were doing. It was definitely the right choice to pull me back up at that time. Otherwise I don’t think either of us would be able to enjoy the rest of your planned activities as much.
The next part of our session largely left me speechless. You were right about all the different sensations going on at once. Hopefully next time we can explore all of that more thoroughly. I have been sounded by someone else before, but it was much different with someone who knew what they were doing. And I’ll most definitely want to explore your other electrostim toys in the future. The play piercings were fantastic, every time you reached over to play with them i didn’t want your hands to leave them.
The last part of the session is the part that caused me to need time to think and process. I know I said that I find all BDSM cathartic, however this was more so than usual. It left me exhausted for a day or two afterward, but now I’m feeling clear again for the first time in many months. For lack of a better phrase it really did help me clear the air in my mind with all that’s been happening in my life. Emotional clarity I think its called.
With all the X and stress I’ve had this year it was a greatly needed release that I was unable to bring myself to before now. So I’d like to thank you greatly for that and to apologize for swearing at you.
And for your own personal amusement Sir. I was counting all the flogger strokes before you asked me to. It’s actually a technique I use when my friends and I have a session and I’m  domming them. Also, you were right. The one mark on my left hip is the one that bruised up the best. The rest are all almost gone already, and by the looks of it the one on my hip will be completely gone by the weekend.
Attached are the marks on day two after our session and the one on my hip as of today.
Cheers and hope to see you again in a timely manner,
Thank you thank you thank you!
LaFemme Isobel