Feedback On A Session For Her From Her Dom Husband

Dear Master Tom

Thank you for asking for session feedback. It’s reassuring to know that as a proper Pro Dom you actually care about each and every one of your clients- and also their partners. This is beyond rare.

This session was not my first with you and was booked as a surprise by my husband who watched me deteriorate into diabolical December and watched my ability to switch off become more and more reduced, and eventually said “You NEED Master Tom. This is non negotiable”.

And I’m so so happy that happened. A quick glass of bubbly with the three of us and he doesn’t even need to say “take care of my babygirl” he knows it’s a given. I don’t feel nervous at all with you anymore because over months and months you’ve more than earned my trust. So it’s play time and off switch time and what greater gift is there than that?

When my husband came to collect me later and I was relaxing after you thoughtfully grabbed my warm sweater and a blanket – he couldn’t get over how peaceful and cared for I was. Thank you- personally I remember nothing from ????

Having drinks as a debrief the next day was fun. A great way to ask why you did things certain ways or what you thought of something and for us to laugh about the downright funny moments or which there were many!!! We love to bring you gifts because you’re just so fun, like a kid opening presents, and I’d like to recommend future clients remember the work and energy to plan a scene, read it constantly and think on your feet and appreciate that appropriately.

This was the most fun, playful session I ever have had and one which just shut down my frontal lobes. I’d recommend it to more people over Xmas instead of buying socks and Costco stuff for your spouse; actually invest in your marriage and have the courage that it will emerge stronger, better and more fulfilled – and that’s thanks to Master Tom.

We look forward to more naughtiness in 2020!!

Emily and Stephen

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