Your session with me can take place in various ways and in different settings. The tribute you bring to show appreciation and acknowledgement for the different types of sessions are as follows:

In-House Session

I will meet you at one of the dungeon / studio locations of my choosing. The dungeon settings are clean, safe and private for your comfort. In-house sessions provide you the best choice of BDSM tools, furnishings, surroundings and activities. This variety will depend on the studio / dungeon. From ominous and the best in the country, to one that is cozy and relaxing, your setting is selected according to what suits your level. Your tribute includes our private use of the venue.


Outcall Session

When you prefer the comfort of your own home or hotel within the GTA, I will bring his tool bag and join you. You can rely on both his discretion and inventiveness for these sessions.


* Outcalls to upscale hotels or detached homes within the GTA only

Consultation Over Coffee

An in-person consultation over coffee at a downtown location for you to better understand how a session works; to learn about the various aspects of kink; to get to know me; and / or to plan our scene. This does not include play time.

$100/half hour

BDSM Coaching For Couples

If you are new to the lifestyle, want to expand your horizons, or are simply curious, come a couple or as single to learn more of how to add spice to your personal play. Discover new things you might like, and learn the variety of kink and best practices you may add to your current repertoire. These sessions are hosted at my location or yours.


Couple’s Cuckold

Surrender to me for a display of my kinky dominance over your partner. Come discover why I am widely known as the best in the business for my control over a man or woman’s body. Come see your partner feel pain and pleasure in my hand, and watch your partner connecting with and being appreciated by a Dominant. Truly an experience for you and partner to expand your horizons and keep memories for both of you to reflect on in future days to come.



In addition to in-house and outcall sessions, you may engage me remotely from your private location. You can be dominated and trained by phone, email or webcam – whichever you prefer.

Simply prepay through Paypal and set a time for the remote session.

Simply fill out the session request questionnaire on the contact form page. Once you have been accepted and your Paypal fund transfer is completed, your training may begin.

Training By Phone or Text Message

No notice is required but sessions are subject to availability. You could even CALL OR TEXT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!

We begin the call session at our arranged time after your tribute fund transfer has completed.

I really lay it on the line right over the phone and in the privacy of your own home!!!

$100 / half hour

Training By Email

Customized E-Mail Domination for the nervous novice or those who are too far away to call.

Let me control you through your computer, tablet or smart phone at your comfortable pace.

What are you waiting for slave?

$100 / four training emails


You may also bring additional gifts (see Amazon gift registry) – if you are so inclined to show extra appreciation.

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