Discover Your Deeper Desires At the Hands Of A Master Dom

Allow yourself to tempt and tease your mind and body for a moment.

Open your mind and take a step into a world where desire is uninhibited.

In this world, you will give up control. You will be guided on a journey into the deeper side of yourself, where your desires and fantasies will meet acceptance and be given life.

Under My guidance, you will discover your untapped potential. You will enter a world of contradictions, where My control brings you freedom and your submission earns you strength.

Master Tom The Dom

In this psychosexual realm, you will escape the pressures of your social identity and freely explore your submissive self. It is in this fault line of society that we may dance along the edges where the floating crust drops into a molten, fluid mass of underground desire. The heat beneath the surface contains immense transformative power, but represents a build up of pressure. By tapping into it, you will find release.

In this place, your outside role will be suspended for a period of respite. It is a reprieve from your environment and the demands of daily life. This is your state of rest, in giving up control under My guidance.

I will tap into your innermost desires and identity to relieve that pressure. I will play out your fantasies and raise rewards of wisdom, self-knowledge, suffering, ecstasy, acceptance and mercy.

I will unite the heavenly and bodily base, for there are equal physical, mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual human elements to My work.

You will be made submissive and obedient. You will find arousal and fulfilment in submitting to a powerful Dominant, within the safety and structure of discipline and devotion.

I will put you through acts and procedures according to My initiative and intuition. Within the desired framework that we will craft together, I will push you, challenge you, punish you, praise you, and allow you to please Me. I will inspire you to obey, serve and submit, through authentic creativity. You will happily belong to Me in surrender.

My dominance and assertiveness will bring you respite from the pressures of having to make decisions. I will relieve you of responsibility. I will direct your movements. I will take full control, so that you may reach a place of calm and inner strength at My feet.

In experiencing corporal discipline, you will be free to focus on the moment – on your emotional and physical responses.

Through bondage, you will accept that you are no longer in control. Forced to acquiesce and yield while bound, you will be freed – freed to let go of work and worries, concerns and stresses.

In submission, you will find a place which you may come to call ‘home’ – a place which holds the warmth of recognition.

You are free to lose yourself in this world, in submission to a powerful Dominant, and in acceptance of your devotion and submission. Your time with Me, your Dom, will be about the ebb and flow of our connection in the shadow of My sadistic pleasure. It is playful, yet serious. It is a dance of deviousness and expression. It is art.

By taking this leap to bring your desires to reality, you are journeying to the place where art becomes life.

Our session will be about sharing interests and experiences, and in this sharing of interests we will open up new experiences and forge trust. With this trust, I will intuitively take us somewhere new. Our journey. Your journey to self-actualization, and My journey to delightful new discovery.

In the end, you will feel at peace, revived, and relieved. You will earn cathartic release, ecstasy, wisdom, revelation and deep insight after your experiences in the hands of a Master.

Master Tom - Testimonial


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