Fulfill Your Domination Desires, Fetishes, Fantasies At the Hands Of A Masculine Dom

Your Experience

Allow yourself to tempt and tease your mind and body for a moment.

As you enter Master Tom's world of domination, kink, fetish and fantasy fulfilment, you can surrender to experiences like never before… with the excitement, intensity, emotional reach and soul searching substance that may make you crave to come back for more.

At the crack of a whip, first touch of your skin, pull of your hair, handling of your being, or masculine voice in your ear, your imagination and senses may roam free -- while fleshing out your deepest desires.

Master Tom BDSM Male Pro Dom

He's your night teacher, love preacher, pain giver, joy seeker, toy deliverer, pleasure maker, fear creator, care taker, and more.

He will be your long lasting impression of a life experience to fondly remember.

He can be your father, employer, captor, commander, doctor, teacher, or whichever authority figure you seek.

If it is power surrender you seek, then it is power that he will take in your time together.

He takes pleasure being as mean and sadistic as you want him to be. Light or hard he has the control to deliver the discipline or motivation you desire.

Master Tom BDSM Male Pro Dom @ Oasis>

You may be experienced or new to this. It doesn't matter. The right attitude, aptitude, awareness, and athleticism sets Master Tom above.

You'll be delighted to learn how his awareness, intuition and attention on you creates the ideal experience suited for you. His personable attitude keeps the connection you have with him grounded. You will feel captivated, mesmerized and compelled in his presence.

With aptitude, he'll skilfully deliver, and have as much fun as you.

And here are some activities you may partake in with Master Tom:

Domination & Submission

  • Foot worship
  • Watersport
  • Humiliation
  • Servitude
  • Body worship
  • Spitting
  • Man smell
  • Leather worship
  • Fantasy role play
  • Mental edge play
  • Behavioral correction
  • Pet training
  • Sissification

Bondage & Discipline

  • Rope and cuff restraint
  • Blindfolding & gagging
  • Collar & leash
  • Obedience training
  • Martial arts (wrestling, grappling & striking)
  • Smothering & trampling
  • Mummification
  • Sensory play
  • Shaving
  • Minimized, ruined and forced orgasm, and edging

Sadism & Masochism

  • Flagellation (flogging, whipping, paddling, canning, etc.)
  • Corporal punishment
  • Erotic torture (edging, orgasm play, etc.)
  • Nipple torture
  • Electro play (electro muscular stimulation and violet wand)
  • Slapping & spanking
  • Joint locks
  • Choking & light breath play
  • Pinching
  • Heat & cold
  • Tickle torture
  • CBT
  • Body piercing
  • Urethral sounds

Feel free to contact and check with Master Tom if there's anything you like not on the list.

Hosted in a private domestic setting or discreet and fully equipped BDSM Studio / Dungeon, your privacy and stimulation needs will be met.

Master Tom applies unique care and concentration to every scene ensure your needs are satisfied.

Attention, empathy and thought goes into every free preliminary consult just before a session begins. New clients should expect to spend anywhere up to a half hour to go over details (i.e. limits, safety, needs, etc.). These preliminaries may take less time for returning clients.

For intense sessions (i.e. after entering subspace from heavy impact play), Master Tom provides an aftercare debrief and follow-up at no charge.

Your experience with Master Tom - whether mild, wild or extreme - will be sane and consensual. While all activities pose some degree of risk, risk with this play is managed with awareness and control for everyone involved.

This form of play is not for everyone. It's for the distinguished, sophisticated and discerning individual.

The play is real. It is neither fictitious Fifty Shades of Grey, nor is it porno BDSM. It is not for show, but rather to elicit that which is within you… for therapy, escape, experience, or whatever you desire.

It's for the person who has a unique urge to satisfy, or need to momentarily give up day-to-day control to a man in trust.

Should this seem like a fit for you, send a message or call to book your session today.


Meet Master Tom

Articulate and intelligent, you will discover a professional male dominant who will engage your mind as well as your physical being.

Master Tom can relate with you on a day-to-day level, as he's Canadian born and raised, university educated and experienced as a business owner / adviser.

He can speak on many levels, and you will find your interactions with him smart, stimulating, sensual and engaging.

Educated and practiced in human sexuality and physiology, he knows the male and female body well. He can move and handle you like a seasoned pro.

Physically he's strong, yet balanced in his unassuming body size. Athletic in nature, he keeps a physique that reflects the healthy and active lifestyle he maintain.

He's trained in martial arts for over seventeen years, and he can move you with dominant force - or inflict what you most need in submission.

He also has years of music and dance training, which gives him grace and finesse in the way the he moves and applies his touch.

Master Tom

Master Tom's path to becoming a professional male dominant began in his personal lifestyle erotic play. His step into professional work came from a play partner's urging.

Trained, mentored and experienced in many BDSM disciplines, his skills will satisfy even the most unusual appetite.

All this in his background transfers to his abilities as an elite male pro-Dom. His repeat clients come in from as far as the U.S., China, Japan, the Caribbean, and UK -- although most live within Ontario.

Ultimately, he has a place in the mind of those who submit -- like no other. He will take you to places you've never been within - if you so choose.

Master Tom is based out of Toronto where he practices the erotic art of BDSM today.


Sessions & Tribute

Your session with Master Tom can take place in various ways and in different settings. Your choices are as follows:

In-House Session

Master Tom will meet you at one of the dungeon / studio locations. The dungeon  settings are clean, safe and private for your comfort. In-house sessions provide you the best choice of tools and activities. The level of BDSM furnishings and equipment variety depend on the studio / dungeon


Domination Outcall

When you prefer the comfort of your own home or hotel within the GTA, Master Tom will bring his tool bag and join you. You can rely on both his discretion and inventiveness for these sessions.


BDSM Coaching For Couples

If you are new to the lifestyle, want to expand your horizons, or are simply curious, come a couple or as single to learn more of how to add spice to your personal play. Discover new things you might like, and learn the variety of kink and best practices you may add to your current repertoire. These sessions are hosted. Travel is extra for your location.


Duo Domination

Double your Domination experience with Master Tom and one of his trusted Dommes. Whether Master Tom or his Domme directs the session, you will feel twice the control from the two Dominants. This play is ideal for the enthusiast individual or couple who seek a more sophisticated kink experience. These sessions are hosted in dungeon / studio of Master Tom's choosing.


Couple's Cuckold

Surrender to Master Tom for a display of his kinky dominance over your partner. Come discover why Master Tom is widely known as the best in the business with his control over a man or woman's body. Truly an experience for you and partner to expand your horizons and keep memories for both of you to reflect on in future days to come.


Date With A Dom

Master Tom will accompany you to a daytime or evening event or function. These Dom engagements are strictly social. Engagements may be dinner, theater/concert, fetish event, or a variety of exciting activities. Although conventional on the surface, you may still be directed to wear a collar, rope harness, women / men's underwear, vibrator, diaper, etc. -- whatever the Dom pleases.

 $1000 / four hours


In addition to in-house and outcall sessions, you may engage Master Tom remotely from your private location. You can be dominated and trained by phone, email or webcam - whichever you prefer.

Simply prepay through Paypal and set a time for the remote session.

Ask for the training questionnaire through the contact form below, and send it back completed. Once you have been accepted and your Paypal fund transfer is completed, your training may begin.

Training By Phone

No notice is required but sessions are subject to availability. You could even CALL THIS VERY MOMENT!!!

Master Tom really lays it on the line right over the phone and in the privacy of your own home!!!

$100 / half hour

Webcam Session

Webcam training sessions (over Skype) are subject to availability.

See Master Tom command you, while you demonstrate your surrender and submission.

$100 / fifteen minutes

Training By Email

Customized E-Mail Domination for the nervous novice or those who are too far away to call.

Let Master Tom control you through your computer, tablet or smart phone at your comfortable pace.

What are you waiting for slave?

$200 / four training emails


You may also bring additional gifts to Master Tom, if you are so inclined to please. Items to bring include those on the following registries:


NORTHBOUND LEATHER - See online tribute registry or call 416-972-1037 / visit store for Master Tom's registry.


Q. Do you take male, female or couples?

A. Men, women and couples are accepted. The experiences I provide are uniquely tailored for gender and situation.

Q. Are you purely a Dominant, or will you "switch" to being submissive?

A. I am dominant only.

Q. What sort of training have you received?

A. I have been trained, educated and mentored in various ways for each practice - and there are many - to ensure safety and a satisfying experience. For example, you may find me at Fetlife workshops learning about practices I am not yet familiar with. Before applying a practice with a client, I will have experienced it on the receiving end myself - so I have an idea of what a client will experience.

Q. What are the risks with my experience in your hand?

A. There will always be some level of risk, regardless of how minute it may be. Those risks depend on the type of play you seek. You will be made aware of significant risks before your session begins, and there will be ways to manage those risks. I apply Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) and Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) principles to the experiences I provide.

Q. Do you take beginners?

A. Yes. The level of play and approach for a beginner will be different than for an enthusiast or experienced client. Your needs and limits as a beginner will be taken into account for your session.

Q. How are you different from a "dominant" escort?

A. As a real Dominant, you will find that I am not a "service top." You may also distinguish your experience with me from that of a "dominant" escort by the approach I apply, and by the skill level for a given practice. Many kink activities carry risk and an untrained practitioner can be unsafe to play with. Basic bondage for example can be unsafe with the potential for nerve damage with an untrained person.

Things you may note about me include the time we spend to carefully script and negotiate your scene before it starts; the use safe words and signals; technical knowledge, discussion of limits, risk and consent; and my level of awareness and attention on the client I am working with. Generally accepted BDSM principles are followed.

Q. How are you different from an amateur lifestyle Dominant?

A. Experience is the key distinction between me, as a pro-Dom versus an amateur lifestyle Dominant. As a pro-Dom, I deal with a wide range of scenarios, situations, practices, and preferences -- all unique to each individual client. As a professional, I also take pride in the work I do by becoming educated and skilled in the experiences I provide, and by giving the attention each client needs.

Q. What does my experience include?

A. This depends on the practices and experience you seek. Your experience is unique to your preferences and taste. Every session includes a free preliminary consultation to negotiate and script your scene, to ensure your needs are met.

Q. Will there be markings on my body?

A. No. Not if you choose to not be marked. Temporary body marks like welts and bruises may result from certain types of the play (i.e. impact or restraint), although I take care to avoid leaving marks if that is what you choose.

Q. Do you provide full service or oral?

A. You are hiring a professional male Dom for your experience, not an escort. While sexual domination and sensual play could occur by my desire, that offering does not guarantee any form of sex.

Q. Do you provide scat or blood play?

A. No.

Q. Will you permanently mark or mutilate my body?

A. No.

Q. Do you do edge play (not to be confused with "edging")?

A. I will only consider edge play that I am skilled with, after a client and I get to know each other. For example, I will not entertain consensual non-consent or extreme breath play with a new client.

Q. Will you take me as a lifestyle slave?

A. Although I live the BDSM lifestyle, I am not accepting lifestyle slaves at this time.

Q. Can you provide a clear photo of your face?

A. For my privacy and that of my clients, a face photo is not provided as a condition for booking an appointment. Rest assured, clients say I am good looking, handsome, and even better looking that my photos.

Q. Can you provide a full nude or "dick pic?"

A. The experiences I provide are for sophisticated and distinguished individuals. Plenty of nude or "dick pics" of others may be found on the Internet with a Google search.

Q. Do you do outcalls?

A. Yes, outcalls are available with a travel premium if time allows. I will bring a bag of implements; however, the amount gear I bring will be limited to my carry capacity.

Q. What settings do you provide?

A. Your session will take place in a clean, safe and private dungeon / studio setting. 

Q. Are those photos really you and how recent are they?

A. All my photos are truly me, and are as recent as a few weeks old.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Cash only.

Q. What will you do to keep my privacy?

A. Privacy and discretion is assured for all the experiences I provide. What occurs behind closed between me and you remain confidential. Recording devices are not permitted in the room where your session occurs, and there is no view into the room from the outside. Any chance public encounter outside a session may link us back to the fitness or weight loss coaching I am known to provide. When coming to my location, you may be a fitness or weight loss coaching client or simply as a guest visitor if seen publicly in the area.

Q. Are you STI tested?

A. I am fully tested regularly (i.e. through clinics or his physician) throughout the year, and am tested STI negative.

Q. How safe from a STI standpoint are the experiences you provide?

A. All activities are conducted with health safety as a top priority. They are all low risk. All surfaces are disinfected after each session, and used implements are properly sterilized. Latex barriers are also used for any activity that pose a risk of transmittable infections. The Dom's hands are properly washed before each session as a given.

Q. How do you disinfect surfaces / sterilize instruments?

A. Surfaces and implements are cleaned with Clorox disinfecting wipes and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Metrex CaviCide (often used in NICU, operating rooms, isolation rooms, patient care areas and laboratories) might also be used as an intermediate-level surface disinfectant. Insertable instruments are washed with anti-bacterial soap and sterilized with clinical grade materials or with a steam auto-clave.

Q. Do you party and play?

A. I do not take recreational drugs, and remains sober to ensure you receive a professionally delivered experience. 

Q. How much advance notice do you need for an appointment?

A. You may book last minute up to an hour away from the appointment time; however, booking ahead at least 24 hours is recommended for the best availability.

Q. Where are you located?

A. I work at various locations in the Toronto area. The setting is determined by availability and what might suit best for your scene.

Exact location provided after an appointment has been booked.



My session with Master Tom was one the most intense, emotional experiences of my life. I felt intense pain, euphoria and pleasure all in one session and was finally able to connect to my true sexuality deep inside me. Master Tom is intelligent, strong and compassionate and he provided a safe and stable environment for me to truly embrace the emotions I was going through during and after my session. I feel more sexually, emotionally, and mentally confident and I could not of seen that without the help of Master Tom. I highly recommend his services !

Kaitlian (Kathy) - Toronto, ON - April 2016

Master Tom,

Our session was not kink, but a work of art at the hands of a Master. It was a revelation. Words cannot describe my discovery... my awakening. I thank you graciously again.

Daniel - Wellington, New Zealand - August 2015

Good Afternoon Master Tom,

I wanted to thank you again for an excellent session yesterday. Although it was pretty much all rope, I think it is the most intense session we have had together. In keeping with our theme of control, I find that the methodical bondage process makes it difficult to know what will happen next, as the whole experience is a mix of mechanics, craftsmanship, sadism and creativity. There are too many permutations to anticipate, which forces one to just accept what will come next without overthinking (too much!). That is a step in the right direction, and a new experience for me.

So I woke up with rope marks this morning, but very happy and farther along my "give up control" journey than I was before yesterday.

Again, thank you. And I look forward to continuing our sessions together soon.


Daryl - Toronto, Ontario - April 19, 2016

My wife has a boundless sexual appetite and, while we have a very active and satisfying sex life, her needs for gratification regularly exceed what she gets at home.

So I decided to give her the loving gift of a visit to Master Tom.

She experienced absolute bliss and countless, body-shuddering mind-blowing orgasms. Master Tom's skill at kink and orgasm play delivered ecstasy and fulfillment she had never before enjoyed. He is compassionate, professional, fit and sexy beyond belief! His knowledge of a woman's erogenous zones and his ability to stimulate a woman's urges are unsurpassed.

I would recommend Master Tom to any husband who really wants his wife to be very, very happy!

SH - Toronto, ON, January 7, 2015

Thank you for yesterday. I was really tired at the end of the session -- but felt good about it. The nipple clips were awesome! Couldn't believe how much I could take. The flogging was intense - very! I went into another space. Next time let's try the cat a little more - and a little harder. I want to see if I can take it. Really liked the leg irons -- nice. Thanks again.

Darren - Chicago, MI - February 23, 2016

Master Tom ~

I had barely 3 hours sleep this morning, worked all day and did all the driving but I will be sending you feedback via letter . . so much more civilized ; ) I am now home, have eaten a little and am going to bed right now ~

Thats said . . you are truly a Master! I smiled so many times today at the thoughts that ran through my mind and realized on a couple of occasions I was squeezing my thighs together . . I loved being with you ~ I will leave it at that for now ~

I hope you may catch up on your sleep and relax ~ Blessings Master Tom

Mary - Barrie, Ontario - August 21, 2014

The entire experience was perfect! You are an exceptional Master!

Jeff - Toronto, Ontario - February 23, 2016

SIR, you wanted a report about Saturday. Here are some thoughts. The basic nipple clamp is more effective than the electric one or the one with weights. The rope bondage is interesting but not as confining as police cuffs, etc. The flogging is best -- look forward to the single tail -- as a lead-in to the bullwhip. Hope this is helpful. You look great in leather - wish I had more opportunity to do worship!

Dave - Washington, DC - May 8, 2015

Good Evening Master Tom,

As promised, I have let yesterday's session "sink in", and have observed the following:

1. My bum hurts!

2. This is probably the best session we have had together to date. The bondage was totally unexpected and a very new experience for me. I enjoyed experiencing what you described as "rope space" quite a bit. As I mentioned to you yesterday, I also think I entered sub space more than once, which left me feeling pretty high.

3. Beyond the feelings, I also think that observing your intricate rope work has provided me with some unexpected pleasure. This may seem strange, but even though I am the slave in our encounters, having you weave a complex bondage scene which generates enjoyment for both of us somehow makes me feel worthy in some way, and improves the experience

4. Our exchange on control was stimulating, and I am still processing it and its implications for me 5. Finally, yesterday was one of the few times when I experienced trust. I am a suspicious individual by nature (which is also why I like to keep in control), but the rope play especially required spontaneous trust, and I was richly rewarded by giving it (and in to) you. That was probably the best part of yesterday

So please accept my gratitude for an excellent session yesterday. I hope the session was equally rewarding for you, and I look forward to continuing my training sometime soon.


Jim - London, England - January 18, 2016

I approve of Master Tom!

As a principal partner in an established law firm I am not often told what to do. Master Tom was my momentary escape from that, along with the opportunity to discover myself.

Having been married for twenty three years, and coming out shortly after, Master Tom was also my therapy in coming to grip with my sexuality. He delivered masterfully with care and skill. A great value to me. Although we did not have sex, I confessed at the end that he my best lover ever. It was like he touched the centre of my soul throughout our intense moments.

I intend to visit him again and again. Even if not under some circumstance, he has a place within me in perpetuity.

Harv - Toronto, Ontario - May 7, 2014

A great work over, Sensei!! A privilege to be in the hands of a Master. And a fantastic facility, which overwhelmed a jaded old sot like me. Want to get back in there soon! So much to try - if it pleases Sensei. I could tell Sensei felt at home there. Understandably. ** Sensei was more gentle this time. Deliberately so. Part of training of my body and mind that they offer no resistance as he treats me. And makes me grow. At my age I should be shrinking. I am not. With Sensei's guidance. What a wonderful adventure. I feel twenty years younger. ** I have been flogged many times, and done the flogging myself, many times, but strangely never on a solid frame. I have attended 'seminars' with (self-proclaimed) masters on the subject. I understand how it works. I understand the 'high'. It was flogging that set me free of vanilla sex years ago and changed me - for the better. Love the feeling of the total restraint on the cross. I wanted it as soon as I saw the device. It intensifies the whole experience. Your 'technique' was perfect. A most serious compliment. I think I could have taken a harder beating but harder is not the point - which isn't to say that such might not be necessary for Sensei's purposes another time. ** The gentle judo beat down was also great. A head trip to a space I never been. Core to Sensei's power over me. Good to build on. 

John - Manhattan, NY - August 11, 2015

Thanks for the kinky play last night. Enjoyed exploring the dungeon. Hope you had a hot time as well. :). Have a great holiday and see you in the new year. xoxo.

Alice - Oakville, Ontario - September 17, 2015

Oh my, where could I begin ?

He is physically in very good shape (everywhere), very nice lines . . .

Meticulously clean . . . (though I expect no less)

He is prepared . . as in a plan B, C and D !

He is organized and intuitive, with a true 'bend' (kink headspace) and is very confident, but thankfully not arrogant (out of context). He is so very masterful that he can, I believe, allow himself to be considerate and can change in a second to accommodate while still maintaining total control. He checked his work and myself fairly frequently.

He very much 'heard' what I was asking for and understood what I needed! !

He is quite learned and multi-dimensional . . . a very interesting individual . . .

His library is extensive and comprehensive pertaining mainly to optimal performance, attitude, BDSM, with a concentration on psychology, physiology and sexology, (both female and male).

After our conversation, he led me to an array of menacing looking instruments for me to inspect, lol, and spoke to me a little about how some were used, why and precautions to be taken.

He not only described the articles, but rendered examples (my fave!)

Bottom line, I was not quite sure what to expect, but as he began to go up one side of me and down the other . . . with a 'take no hostages' attitude, I took absolute pleasure in every moment . . He met my passions and desires with proficiency and sensual prowess . . . Mmm . . it has been such a long while since I have been allowed to play! lol And I was however surprised on 2 counts ! One . . . I DON'T SUBMIT! But there I was . . . a virtual 'sub cliché' . . and Two, because he had such 'balance', I would in future allow him to go a fair lot further than I ever intended, I must say, in scenario and application.

I also found I could handle a reasonable amount, in that it was my first time, but he layered so masterfully and deliciously, In one instance, he took me from 0 to 100 in seconds . . . Hmm, I thought I was pretty good but . . . apparently I have been missing some things, lol!!

I told him he could leave marks (reasonably) on my body but not where it would be obvious, and God knows he didn't miss anything! I thought I'd look like a walking 'Etch-a-Sketch', but I have '0' marks anywhere but my bum : ) Ahhh. . . he IS Masterful ! ! He used a little of everything on me, always asking me "on a scale of 1-10 . .” ) I assume because he doesn't know me . . and because man, did some of it sting and burn! GEEZE!!! However, by all indication, he is a very intelligent, very meticulous and intuitive Dom!

I would certainly engage in this type of play again with him, and intend to, though it will have to be a treat I give myself.

Jane - Toronto, ON - August 2014

I am a senior guy visiting Toronto this summer and had a great series of sessions with Master Tom. I am particularly interested in urethral sounding and Master Tom gave me the most intense experiences I have ever had with sounds.

If you have ever wondered about sounding, I would highly recommend Master Tom for your first time. He is obsessed with safety and clinical level cleanliness.

He is also obsessed with giving his clients the most intense experience possible and he has an uncanny way of quickly understanding your body and what makes you sexually tick.

There is absolutely no rush at all and he is as committed to the experience as his clients are. He puts the client totally at ease, and discusses thoroughly what the clients needs and and then how he intends to create that experience.

On top of all of this Master Tom is super sexy with a perfect body and handsome face.

His hands are magical. He is a very engaging, a well balanced individual, and a superb conversationalist - when you are not being blown away by his technique! If you are not interested in sounding, do not worry, he's also equally fantastic in so many other ways.

David - Bejiing, China - August 28, 2014

Good morning!

Passing along this follow-up note as requested ;)

First off - thank you for an amazing time! Really. Learned a lot... experience a lot... orgasmed a lot... ;)

Truth is -- the ability to "feel" that deeply... and just surrender to experience... was beyond anything I would have anticipated it would be. So thank you beyond measure for that.

Feeling great today. No real aches or pains. However, my ass is still red... with some seriously beautiful markings on it. A gift to carry with me from our session.


Nina - Toronto, ON - November 5, 2015

Hello Master Tom,

First thank you so much for an astounding experience last Sunday. I really appreciate all the time and effort you took in setting everything up.

I am sorry that I didn't write sooner - I have been in work mode since our meeting - and now have a chance to take a breathe and drop you a line.

the session far exceeded expectations. When I left I just wanted to totally decompress. I actually walked all the way back to my hotel because I didn't want another human in my space as I processed it all. All a very good thing, mind you.

You were clinical, supportive and connected. Loved it. I never felt unsafe. I always knew I was in skilled hands.

The high point was actually the final whipping. I am so glad we used the cross. It made all the difference. To be tightly secured to the cross and unable to flail around as the whipping progressed was simply mind blowing. At the same time to be able to push one's body into the padding of the cross as the whipping progressed was strangely comforting. The impact came from one side and a sense of soft comfort from the cross' padding was just the right juxtaposition. As you observed, I think I could have taken more. Maybe I could have handled a few strokes from the single tail to finish it off.

The initial flogging was good too. It was hot being strung up from the ceiling. Maybe to have been completely naked at that point with legs spread as well could have been an enhancement.

I like the violet wand. I have had it before and it is effective in getting the nerves all revved up. I actually done more severe electro which I really like as well.

The piercing was remarkable. I think I could have handled more. I understood what you were hoping for with the string. Trying to force an erection to pull on the strings to increase the tension on the needles. Having the piercing down there was hot. You are such an expert at getting the most pain out of those needles. The nipple you didn't pierce that you teased with the needle was wild. You could have kept that up all night. 

BTW I loved it when you instructed me to remove your vest.

What an amazing venue! So much more in there I would have loved to have tried. I can't get the spike chair out of my head. To be secured to that and have either serious electro and/or piercing applied. WILD!

I hope that you will consider seeing me again. I will be in Toronto again, although I can't give you any firm dates.

Thank you again, very much.

Gary - San Francisco, CA - October 13, 2015

Hello Master Tom! It's the day after and I'm more properly in a frame of mind to give you my report. Last night was fun and exciting. My bum is quite black and blue today, but it feels like a nice reminder of what happened. I've been icing it periodically and the welts have gone down. That was the most intense impact play I've ever done, so I'm a bit sore, but it's not a bad thing. I was walking around today and the pain of the bruises was making me wet. I really enjoyed the closeness, the tenderness, and also, the restraint all at the same time. I also enjoyed the numerous orgasms, of course. It was a great release for me.  Today I feel extremely relaxed and blissed out. I'm back at our place in Toronto after being out all day, and now I just want to nap for a while! I think for next time I'd like to play around more with restraint instead of such intense impact (I'm maybe more of a wimp than I thought).

Jennifer - Toronto, ON - December 7, 2015

Master Tom,

Thank you for the session last night, Sir.

This morning I feel relaxed and content. I can see the marks of my training. My nipples are deliciously sensitive and I find myself frequently touching them, especially the pierced one.

The dungeon space is very impressive, in terms of the equipment and the amount of space devoted to it.

I enjoyed the bondage and the flogging - the rope suspension was a new and welcome experience. Although the rope and arms around my neck were initially disconcerting, I knew you wouldn't take that type of play very far.

Thank you again, Sir.

Mark - San Diego, CA - October 13, 2015