Discover Your Deeper Desires At the Hands Of A Master Dom
Your Experience

Allow yourself to tempt and tease your mind and body for a moment.

Open your mind, and take a step into my world...

A world where you give up control as I lead you on a journey -- a journey where you will learn about the deeper side of you... driven by your desires... your fantasies... your untapped being... THE REAL YOU.

Master Tom The Dom

When I take you in my domain, you’ll feel energy, excitement and a range of emotions. Your imagination will be stirred and stretched with new ideas. I will delve into your thoughts and pick them apart one piece at a time.

You will find my voice and softer touch your calming guide.

It is a journey you will embark on with me, where I take you to delightful heights in mind and body - perhaps one or many you've never experienced before.

You may be restrained, disciplined, stimulated by strengthened senses, or whatever suits our mood situation. It doesn't matter. They are simply activities used to reach our destination.

Your destination is self-discovery.

On this journey you have permission to surrender in my presence… letting go to experiences like never before... with the intensity, emotional reach and soul searching substance that will arouse and make you crave more.

Your time with me, your Dominant will be about connection and ebb and flow in the shadow of my sadistic pleasure. It is playful, yet serious. It is a dance of deviousness and expression. It is art.

In the same light, it will be relieving and satisfyingly therapeutic. It is acceptance - your uninhibited acceptance of who you are, your urges, and what you desire deeper down.

It will change you, and make you grow.

Your fantasy may be that with a Daddy, Boss, Sensei, Captor, Commander, Doctor, Torturer, Executioner, or Devilishly Handsome Gentleman... and in my presence you may bring that to flesh.

I am your night teacher, love preacher, pain giver, joy seeker, toy bearer, pleasure maker, fear creator, care taker, and more.

I will be your image of authority, and I will put you in your place as needed.

I will push you, challenge you, punish you, praise you, and allow you to please me as I desire.

At my hand, you will learn that I am real... a real Dominant... a real sadist... and master of many arts.

I am your alternate world where you will find sanctuary... where you will come to call home.

Now step into my sacred space.


Meet Master Tom

I'm an established and widely recognized international male pro Dom... not a novice who raises his voice or simply beats ass. I'm not a fetish provider, and definitely not an escort nor a service top.

I'm a real BDSM Dominant who likes to explore and play. I'm a real sadist. There's no pretending. I enjoy your discomfort, and have playful fun in inflicting pain.

I'm a pro because I have a high standard and I'm very good at what I do; and because I like variety and intensity.

I do kink professionally because I live by the principle of highest and best use of time. My many subs and slaves give me options, and I appreciate the tribute my subs and slave bring to me in giving acknowledgement.

A large part of the tribute pays for the thousands I invest into training and professional assets - which sets me apart from others in high level skills. My training and experience comes through in your safety and enjoyment of our scene.

I play with headspace. I love to fuck minds, and my subjects in effect see it as art... and therapy in some cases. It is deeper than the surface activities, whether it's rope bondage, piercing, impact, electro or whatever. Activities, props, settings, and gear are simply just tools to achieve our mental / physical / emotional end state.

I am real, and don't care for pretension or made up convention. I want the real you - for you to open your kimono and bare your heart, mind and soul.

How we get there is our way and no one else's.

I strive for your self-discovery. I expect you to personally grow from my investment of time and energy.

That said I selectively pick and choose who I play with today. You are not slave nor sub to me unless I decide so.

Although I live and breathe the kink lifestyle, I am not 24/7. I keep a balance with other parts of my life which are non-kinky. I'm not on all the time, and don't want to be.

When I am on though, be prepared to feel my energy and presence. Those lucky few chosen to be my sub or slave may eventually come to show devotion and loyalty, and realize much more.

And a bit more about me...

Articulate and intelligent, you'll discover a professional male dominant who will engage your mind as well as your physical being.

I will relate with you on a day-to-day level. Born and raised in Canada, I'm university educated and have experience in the corporate world, as well as in business as an owner.

I speak on many levels, and you will find your interactions with me smart, stimulating, and engaging.

Although your mind will mess with you in seeing me as intimidating or whatever, you will be delighted to discover that I am genuinely down-to-earth - albeit a little devious and somewhat sadistic.

Educated and practiced in human sexuality and physiology, I know the male and female mind and body well. I will move and handle you like a mystical guru of far east practices.

Physically I'm strong, yet balanced in my unassuming body size. Athletic in nature, I keep a physique that reflects the healthy and active lifestyle I maintain.

I've trained in martial arts for over seventeen years, and I can move you with dominant force - or inflict what you most need in submission.

I also have years of music and dance training, which gives me grace and finesse in the way the I move and apply my touch.

Master Tom

My journey to becoming a professional male dominant began in my personal life. This came about from a partner's suggestion during erotic play. I took action, and the rest is what got me to where I am today.

Trained, mentored and experienced in many BDSM disciplines, my skills will satisfy even the most unusual appetite.

All this in my background transfers to my abilities as an elite male pro-Dom. My repeat clients come in from as far as the U.S., China, Japan, the Caribbean, Germany and UK.

I have a place in the mind of those who submit -- like no other. I will take you to places you've never been within - if you so choose.

I am is based out of Toronto where I practices the erotic art of BDSM today.


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Your private session with me will be unique and intensely satisfying. It will excite your senses, and arouse your imagination. When you learn to suspend your inhibitions, you will be eager to enjoy more of what you are capable.

In those moments, you will awaken as a human being long after the experience is over. My client testimonials speak to that.

You experience will involve all the senses that will stay with you long after you leave the head space I've created for you. I create a world orchestrated precisely for you through kink activities you may be drawn to, finding your limits and exploring your desires.

Master Tom In A Suit

I am inclusive and non-judgemental: I play with individuals and couples - regardless of gender, orientation, age, race, and physical ability. I do not compare you to others. Everybody is different, and that is okay.

Though your session with me is one of complete surrender of control to me - your Dom - the session will be safe, sane and consensual.

I follow widely accepted BDSM principles and practice risk aware consensual kink (RACK). In RACK, you may use safe words - which are "YELLOW" and "RED" with me.

YELLOW means that you're enjoying it but you're getting close to your limit.

RED means stop, check in and do something else. You may also provide feedback and suggestions when asked during our scene, for me to decide on the next course of action.


This level is suitable for you if are new at this, and would like to explore kink. Although we may focus on your areas of interest (bondage, impact, discipline, Domination/submission, etc.) the session will remain as as sampler of various activities which may excite you. There is no extreme edge play at this level.

You simply don't know what you don't know - even if you have general idea. The session is about discovering what you like and don't like. It is an introduction - your first step - on your life journey in becoming the real you - and I am your guide.

You might or might not be clear about your fantasy... that doesn't matter. This session  will allow you to flesh it out.

As I mentioned before, this is a journey to self-discovery. It is only the first step. It is not a test of what are your limits.

For intensity, scenes are a 3 on a scale of 1-10. More important, I read your reactions and feedback, and decide how to proceed based on that input.

You will find that I am patient, considerate, empathic and compassionate - amidst my edgier side. In any case, this is your first big step.

I will teach you protocol in dealing with me as your Dominant, and the best practices of safe, sane / risk aware consensual kink. You will be educated, and you will set a new bar of personal enjoyment.

It's understandable if you are nervous and anxious. I will appreciate when you take that step with me... and you will be glad that you did.


You've had some experience, but you haven't fully found your place in kink yet.

On this level, we explore your inhibitions and desires. It our way to pave your path to actualization. I will will reach deeper in you to bring forth your fantasies and desires, which you have been been yearning.

I will start to find the real you deep within.

I will introduce you to headspace beyond the highs of subspace you have begun to experience at the beginner level.

We are now exploring ways for you to let go of what little control you wish to have in our scene... and simply enjoy the excitement, ecstasy and elation of kink.

Although it is an extension and deeper exploration of your initial discovery of your kink, it is my guidance in my way. It is my way of taking you to that deeper place.

This will remain our exploration of our journey together.


You now know what you like and don't like, and you've honed in on what your desires.

On this level, you seek satisfaction from something you can't get anywhere else. Edge play is a possibility which we can negotiate after we've established our two-way level of trust.

I will take you to deeper headspace in discovering truth and the real you. I will guide you in a way that only one who is skilled and masterful may deliver to that destination.

I will take you in mind, heart and body to a whole new level. We explore not only the activities which help us achieve our common mood of the moment... we become the ebb and flow of energy in our scene dynamic.

We will continue to explore advanced activities, if you are so willing, and I will continue to broaden your horizon.

On this level, I will also test you and push you farther than you've ever gone before. I will expect you to grow and move further to self-discovery. You will find satisfaction in our achievement, and liberation of the real you within.

On this level, it is like Zen for you and me in that suspended moment of kink. It is no longer a destination, but rather the journey as the destination itself.

Master Tom - Marquis De Sade of the 21st Century


My specialities are impact (spanking, flogging, caning, slapping, etc.), bondage, role play (i.e. teacher/student, sensei/kohai, boss/employee, etc.), medical, dark tantra, discipline and humiliation.


  • Behavioural Correction
  • Breath Control
  • CBT
  • Chastity
  • Confinement
  • Corporal Punishment
  • Cuffs
  • Dom Worship
  • Edging
  • Electro
  • Feet Torture
  • Gags
  • Interrogation
  • Japanese Rope Bondage
  • Joint Locks
  • Large Toys
  • Leather
  • Martial Arts Discipline
  • Mummification
  • Needle Piercing
  • Nipples Torture
  • Orgasm Control
  • Pet Training
  • Predicament
  • Sissification
  • Sounding
  • Stretching
  • Suspension
  • Temperature Play
  • Tickle Torture
  • Trampling


Scenes involving vomit, scat, race play, permanent body mutilation and switching are NOT of ANY interest to me.


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Your session with me can take place in various ways and in different settings. Your choices are as follows:

In-House Session

I will meet you at one of the dungeon / studio locations of his choosing. The dungeon  settings are clean, safe and private for your comfort. In-house sessions provide you the best choice of tools and activities. The level of BDSM furnishings and equipment variety depend on the studio / dungeon. From ominous and the best in the country, to one that is cozy and relaxing, your setting is selected according to what suits your level. Your tribute includes the private use of the venues.


*Tribute amount for sessions over 4 hours available upon request

Outcall Session

When you prefer the comfort of your own home or hotel within the GTA, I will bring his tool bag and join you. You can rely on both his discretion and inventiveness for these sessions.


* Outcalls to upscale hotels or detached homes within the GTA only

Consultation Over Coffee

An in-person consultation over coffee at a downtown location for you to better understand how a session works; to learn about the various aspects of kink; to get to know me; and / or to plan our scene. This does not include play time.

$100/half hour

BDSM Coaching For Couples

If you are new to the lifestyle, want to expand your horizons, or are simply curious, come a couple or as single to learn more of how to add spice to your personal play. Discover new things you might like, and learn the variety of kink and best practices you may add to your current repertoire. These sessions are hosted at my location or yours.


Duo Domination

Double your Domination experience with me and one of my trusted Dommes. Whether the Domme or I direct the session, you will feel twice the control from two Dominants. This play is ideal for the enthusiast individual or couple who seek a more sophisticated kink experience. These sessions are hosted in dungeon / studio of my choosing.


Couple's Cuckold

Surrender to me for a display of my kinky dominance over your partner. Come discover why I am widely known as the best in the business for my control over a man or woman's body. Come see your partner feel pain and pleasure in my hand, and watch your partner connecting with and being appreciated by a Dominant. Truly an experience for you and partner to expand your horizons and keep memories for both of you to reflect on in future days to come.


Date With A Dom

I will accompany you to a daytime or evening event or function. These Dom engagements are strictly social. Engagements may be dinner, theater/concert, fetish event, or a variety of exciting activities. Although conventional on the surface, you may still be directed to wear a collar, rope harness, women / men's underwear, vibrator, diaper, etc. -- whatever the Dom pleases.

 $1000 / four hours


In addition to in-house and outcall sessions, you may engage me remotely from your private location. You can be dominated and trained by phone, email or webcam - whichever you prefer.

Simply prepay through Paypal and set a time for the remote session.

Simply fill out the session request questionnaire on the contact form page. Once you have been accepted and your Paypal fund transfer is completed, your training may begin.

Training By Phone or Text Message

No notice is required but sessions are subject to availability. You could even CALL OR TEXT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!

I really lay it on the line right over the phone and in the privacy of your own home!!!

$100 / half hour

Webcam Session

Webcam training sessions (over Skype) are subject to availability.

See me command you, while you demonstrate your surrender and submission.

$100 / fifteen minutes

Training By Email

Customized E-Mail Domination for the nervous novice or those who are too far away to call.

Let me control you through your computer, tablet or smart phone at your comfortable pace.

What are you waiting for slave?

$200 / six training emails


You may also bring additional gifts (see Amazon gift registry) - if you are so inclined to show extra appreciation.

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Q. Do you take male, female or couples?

Q. What is your ethnic background?

Q. What are your physical stats?

Q. Are you purely a Dominant, or will you "switch" to being submissive?

Q. What sort of training have you been through?

Q. What is a tribute?

Q. What are the risks with this experience?

Q. Do you take beginners?

Q. Will I get aftercare?

Q. How are you different from a "dominant" escort?

Q. How are you different from an amateur Dominant?

Q. What does my experience include?

Q. Will there be markings on my body?

Q. Do you provide full service or oral?

Q. Do you provide scat or blood play?

Q. Will you permanently mark or mutilate my body?

Q. Do you do edge play (not to be confused with "edging")?

Q. Will you take me as a lifestyle slave?

Q. Can you provide a clear photo of your face?

Q. Can you provide a full nude or "dick pic?"

Q. Do you do outcalls?

Q. What are the settings like for hosted sessions?

Q. Are those photos really you and how recent are they?

Q. What do you accept as tribute?

Q. What will you do to keep my privacy?

Q. Are you STI tested?

Q. How safe from a STI standpoint are the experiences you provide?

Q. How do you disinfect surfaces / sterilize instruments?

Q. Do you party and play?

Q. How much advance notice do you need for an appointment?

Q. Where are you located?


Q. Do you take male, female or couples?

A. I am inclusive: men, women, trans and couples - among others are accepted. The experiences I provide are uniquely tailored for gender identity, orientation and personal circumstances.

Q. What is your ethnic background?

A. I am Canadian born Asian.

Q. What are your physical stats?

A. Fit. Black hair. Brown eyes. 173 cm tall. 70 kg.

Q. Are you purely a Dominant, or will you "switch" to being submissive?

A. I am dominant only.

Q. What sort of training have you been through?

A. I have been educated and mentored in various ways for each activity I do, to ensure a safe and satisfying experience. Take Japanese rope bondage for example: I spent thousands of dollars over two years to reach minimum competency... and it didn`t stop there.

Before doing a major activity with a sub, I will have experienced it on the receiving end myself - so I have an idea of what the sub will experience. That makes me somewhat a masochist as well.

Q. What is a tribute?

A. A tribute is your show of appreciation and gratitude to your Dominant. It demonstrates that you recognize the time, energy, investment and effort your Dominant has put into you and your session.

Tribute is your contribution to making sessions happen. It covers the cost of the setting to host our in-house session. And there is time and effort to plan our session, pack and prepare, travel to meet you, and post-session clean up.

The tribute is also your support in my continuous improvement. Thousands of dollars have been spent on training to bring me up to my current level of skill. Many thousands more have been spent on equipment and attire.

That said, a tribute is not a charitable donation, nor is it a payment for services. You can keep your money or gift if that is how you see it: I will not meet you in that context. 

I do not need the money from sessions to make a living: I love what I do as a Dom, and will only meet those who I feel we can share in that passion.

Q. What are the risks with this experience?

A. There will always be some level of risk, regardless of how minute it may be. Those risks depend on the type of play you seek. You will be made aware of significant risks before your session begins, and there will be ways to manage those risks. I apply Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) and Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) principles to the experiences I provide.

Q. Do you take beginners?

A. Yes. The level of play and approach for a beginner will be different than for an enthusiast or experienced client. Your needs and limits as a beginner will be taken into account for your session.

Q. Will I get aftercare?

A. Yes. Aftercare is pre-planned depend on the scene, and on my assessment of your composure following the scene. At minimum I give you a look over before sending you on your way. Second, I may follow-up the next day or two. Last, a written post-session report is expected, for you to reflect and rebalance, and for me to gauge your state.

Q. How are you different from a "dominant" escort?

A. As a real Dominant, you will find that I am not a "service top." You may also distinguish your experience with me from that of a "dominant" escort by the approach I apply, and by the skill level for a given practice. Many kink activities carry risk and an untrained practitioner can be unsafe to play with. Basic bondage for example can be unsafe with the potential for nerve damage with an untrained person.

Things you may note about me include the time we spend to plan your scene before it starts; the use safe words and signals; technical knowledge, discussion of limits, risk and consent; and my level of awareness and attention on the client I am working with. Generally accepted BDSM principles are followed.

Q. How are you different from an amateur Dominant?

A. Experience is the key distinction between me, as a pro-Dom versus an amateur Dominant.

As a pro-Dom, I deal with a wide range of scenarios, situations, practices, and preferences -- all unique to each individual client. This translates into a level of intuition that will allow me to lead you on a more advanced journey - beyond enjoyable sensations... beyond headspace... to a more profound experience.

As a professional, I also take pride in the work I do by becoming educated and skilled in the experiences I provide, and by giving the attention each client needs.

Q. What will my experience be like?

A. This depends on the activities and experience you're open to. Your experience is unique to you. Every session involves planning to ensure our goals are met.

Q. Will there be markings on my body?

A. No. Not if you choose to not be marked. Temporary body marks like welts and bruises may result from certain types of the play (i.e. impact or restraint), although I take care to avoid leaving marks if that is what you choose.

Q. Do you provide full service or oral?

A. You are requesting a session with a professional male Dom for your experience, not an escort. While sexual domination and sensual play could occur if I / we desire, that does not guarantee any form of sex.

Q. Do you do scat?

A. No.

Q. Will you permanently mark or mutilate my body?

A. No.

Q. Do you do edge play (not to be confused with "edging")?

A. I will only consider edge play that I am skilled with, after a client and I get to know each other. For example, I will not entertain consensual non-consent or extreme breath play with a new client.

Q. Will you take me as a lifestyle slave?

A. Although I live the BDSM lifestyle, I am not accepting lifestyle slaves at this time.

Q. Can you provide a clear photo of your face?

A. For my privacy and that of my clients, a face photo is not provided as a condition for booking an appointment. Rest assured, clients say I am good looking, handsome, and even better looking than my photos.

Q. Can you provide a full nude or "dick pic?"

A. The experiences I provide are for sophisticated and distinguished individuals. Plenty of nude or "dick pics" of others may be found on the Internet with a Google search.

Q. Do you do outcalls?

A. Yes, outcalls are available with a travel premium if time allows. I will bring a bag of implements; however, the amount gear I bring will be limited to my carry capacity.

Q. What are the settings for hosted sessions?

A. Your session will take place in a clean, safe and private dungeon / studio setting. There are various themes (i.e. dungeon, boudoir, medical room, sissy room, classroom, kinky living room, etc.) - some dark and ominous, some exciting and some cozy - and each sets a different mood. The choice of setting will largely depend on the mood we aim to achieve.

Q. Are those photos really you and how recent are they?

A. All my photos are truly me, and are as recent as a few weeks old.

Q. What do you accept as tribute?

A. Cash... in addition to any gift you'd like to bring along with that.

Q. What will you do to keep my privacy?

A. Privacy and discretion is assured for all the experiences I provide. What occurs behind closed between me and you remain confidential. Recording devices are not permitted in the room where your session occurs, and there is no view into the room from the outside. Discretion is standard with any chance public encounter outside a session. 

Q. Are you STI tested?

A. I am fully tested regularly throughout the year, and am tested STI negative... not that this is relevant in most cases.

Q. How do you protect me from pathogens, if there is a chance for that?

A. All activities are conducted with health safety as a top priority. Depending on the activity, there is discussion around this beforehand. 

All surfaces and tools are disinfected after each session, and used implements are properly sterilized as needed. Latex barriers are also used for any activity that pose a risk of transmittable infections. The Dom's hands are properly washed before each session as a given.

First aid supplies are also kept on hand if needed.

Q. How do you disinfect surfaces / sterilize instruments?

A. Surfaces and implements are cleaned with Clorox disinfecting wipes and 99% isopropyl alcohol. Metrex CaviCide (often used in NICU, operating rooms, isolation rooms, patient care areas and laboratories) might also be used as an intermediate-level surface disinfectant. Insertable instruments are washed with anti-bacterial soap and sterilized with clinical grade materials or with a steam auto-clave.

Q. Do you party and play?

A. I do not take recreational drugs, and remains sober to ensure you receive a professionally delivered experience. 

Q. How much advance notice do you need for an appointment?

A. Sessions must be booked ahead of time at least 24 hours. Booking days or a week ahead is ideal for the best availability. You would show disregard and disrespect to make a last minute request for a session.

Q. Where are you located?

A. I work at various locations in the Toronto area. The setting is determined by availability and what might suit best for your scene.

Exact location provided after an appointment has been booked.


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The following are testimonials and reports written by actual clients, and shared with their permission. These are for you to gain some insight into the potential experience you might have at my hand. By no means will their experience nor their activities apply exactly to you though. Your scene activities and experience will be uniquely yours.

My session was just perfect for me . Master Tom incorporated my suggestion very well which made this a very customized special experience. It was meaningful to me, which was and is very important to me. I had requested an intelligent BDSM experience and that is what Master Tom delivered.

As I was being spanked I was also being educated in the concept of compliance, control and submission. Very sitmulating. The amount of pain he inflicted on me was just right without even me knowing it. I know I could have taken a much stronger beating and at that time I felt that I should have been subjected to more . However, I am glad Master Tom did not.

As as beginner I haven't fully understood the concept of pain. There is immediate pain and then there is post "experience" pain. I did realize this. I felt this pain after my session and was quite surprised. Master Tom had restrained me in leather cuffs and a spreader bar and then the St Andrew's cross.

To my surprise I found this quite exciting. What was so surprising is that how quite I beacame and naturally submitted to his power. Somehow I naturally took on the sub role without any hesitation. This goes to show you the "mastery" Master Tom has over a person.

The best part is that it met my personal needs. Master Tom clearly informed me is that the session is about the two of us and that I should not compete or compare my self to other subs. It shoulld be wonderful interaction between two concenting adults to meet the specific needs of each other.

I think a true testiment of a any Master of any trade is when the person wants to come back for more. When I first began my journey I had just planned to visit Master Tom once to see what BDSM is all about. What he has done to me is that he has left me with realy curiosity and wonder and i want to go back for more.

Thank you for a wonderful session.

Sam - Toronto, ON

I recently had the opportunity to serve and submit to Master Tom. From the start, he was professional and in control, even in the clarity of his requests for information about me and my interests.

When the date and time for the session arrived, Master Tom was clear, in control, and firm. His knowledge of his art was immediately evident, and I felt safe in his hands and challenged by his dominance. All throughout, he kept my body and mind on edge, working with the seeming effortless that only preparation and expertise allows as he crafted an experience suited to my kinks and his own pleasures.

I can without reservation recommend Master Tom to anyone ready and willing to experience submission as a physical and emotional sensation.

Eric - Toronto, ON

My session with Master Tom was one the most intense, emotional experiences of my life. I felt intense pain, euphoria and pleasure all in one session and was finally able to connect to my true sexuality deep inside me. Master Tom is intelligent, strong and compassionate and he provided a safe and stable environment for me to truly embrace the emotions I was going through during and after my session. I feel more sexually, emotionally, and mentally confident and I could not of seen that without the help of Master Tom. I highly recommend his services !

Kaitlian (Kathy) - Toronto, ON

Master Tom,

Our session was not kink, but a work of art at the hands of a Master. It was a revelation. Words cannot describe my discovery... my awakening. I thank you graciously again.

Daniel - Wellington, New Zealand

Hello Master Tom,

Thank you for providing such an intense session two days ago. It was a wonderful experience on many levels.

I searched you out specifically for the purpose of being whipped with a singletail. You took your time going over my desires, showed me the various whips and then got me prepared, mentally and physically, for what was to follow. You are very tactile, and the counterbalance of a soft hand after hard strokes was welcome.

When you secured me to the St. Andrew's cross, I was ready for the experience. While the whipping was very painful at times, you read my body and never pushed beyond what I could take. I particularly enjoyed your rubbing my back with a whip before using it on me.

The overall redness on my upper back and buttocks has faded, leaving some marks from the hardest lashes that you applied at the end. Those should fade in a few days. I had mentioned that I enjoy having short term marks, so thank you for them.

I know that, as a sadist, you enjoyed the session. I will be in touch to arrange a future session, one that might push things further.

With thanks,

Michael - Toronto, Ontario

Good Afternoon Master Tom,

I wanted to thank you again for an excellent session yesterday. Although it was pretty much all rope, I think it is the most intense session we have had together. In keeping with our theme of control, I find that the methodical bondage process makes it difficult to know what will happen next, as the whole experience is a mix of mechanics, craftsmanship, sadism and creativity. There are too many permutations to anticipate, which forces one to just accept what will come next without overthinking (too much!). That is a step in the right direction, and a new experience for me.

So I woke up with rope marks this morning, but very happy and farther along my "give up control" journey than I was before yesterday.

Again, thank you. And I look forward to continuing our sessions together soon.


Daryl - Toronto, Ontario

My wife has a boundless sexual appetite and, while we have a very active and satisfying sex life, her needs for gratification regularly exceed what she gets at home.

So I decided to give her the loving gift of a visit to Master Tom.

She experienced absolute bliss and countless, body-shuddering mind-blowing orgasms. Master Tom's skill at kink and orgasm play delivered ecstasy and fulfillment she had never before enjoyed. He is compassionate, professional, fit and sexy beyond belief! His knowledge of a woman's erogenous zones and his ability to stimulate a woman's urges are unsurpassed.

I would recommend Master Tom to any husband who really wants his wife to be very, very happy!

SH - Toronto, ON

Thank you for yesterday. I was really tired at the end of the session -- but felt good about it. The nipple clips were awesome! Couldn't believe how much I could take. The flogging was intense - very! I went into another space. Next time let's try the cat a little more - and a little harder. I want to see if I can take it. Really liked the leg irons -- nice. Thanks again.

Darren - Chicago, MI - February 23, 2016

Master Tom ~

I had barely 3 hours sleep this morning, worked all day and did all the driving but I will be sending you feedback via letter . . so much more civilized ; ) I am now home, have eaten a little and am going to bed right now ~

Thats said . . you are truly a Master! I smiled so many times today at the thoughts that ran through my mind and realized on a couple of occasions I was squeezing my thighs together . . I loved being with you ~ I will leave it at that for now ~

I hope you may catch up on your sleep and relax ~ Blessings Master Tom

Mary - Barrie, Ontario

The entire experience was perfect! You are an exceptional Master!

Jeff - Toronto, Ontario

SIR, you wanted a report about Saturday. Here are some thoughts. The basic nipple clamp is more effective than the electric one or the one with weights. The rope bondage is interesting but not as confining as police cuffs, etc. The flogging is best -- look forward to the single tail -- as a lead-in to the bullwhip. Hope this is helpful. You look great in leather - wish I had more opportunity to do worship!

Dave - Washington, DC

Good Evening Master Tom,

As promised, I have let yesterday's session "sink in", and have observed the following:

1. My bum hurts!

2. This is probably the best session we have had together to date. The bondage was totally unexpected and a very new experience for me. I enjoyed experiencing what you described as "rope space" quite a bit. As I mentioned to you yesterday, I also think I entered sub space more than once, which left me feeling pretty high.

3. Beyond the feelings, I also think that observing your intricate rope work has provided me with some unexpected pleasure. This may seem strange, but even though I am the slave in our encounters, having you weave a complex bondage scene which generates enjoyment for both of us somehow makes me feel worthy in some way, and improves the experience

4. Our exchange on control was stimulating, and I am still processing it and its implications for me 5. Finally, yesterday was one of the few times when I experienced trust. I am a suspicious individual by nature (which is also why I like to keep in control), but the rope play especially required spontaneous trust, and I was richly rewarded by giving it (and in to) you. That was probably the best part of yesterday

So please accept my gratitude for an excellent session yesterday. I hope the session was equally rewarding for you, and I look forward to continuing my training sometime soon.


Jim - London, England

I approve of Master Tom!

As a principal partner in an established law firm I am not often told what to do. Master Tom was my momentary escape from that, along with the opportunity to discover myself.

Having been married for twenty three years, and coming out shortly after, Master Tom was also my therapy in coming to grip with my sexuality. He delivered masterfully with care and skill. A great value to me. Although we did not have sex, I confessed at the end that he my best lover ever. It was like he touched the centre of my soul throughout our intense moments.

I intend to visit him again and again. Even if not under some circumstance, he has a place within me in perpetuity.

Harv - Toronto, Ontario

Session Report!

I'm not even sure where to start!

Of course I was nervous and horny leading up to our appointment. We had been waiting for a whole year, and ramping it up every day before the session. I couldn't sleep very well for a few nights before not just because of the show, but also because of the anticipation.

It was nice to chat a little before the session, both to loosen me up a little and to get used to the space again.

This time, I really enjoyed the way you did the impact play, as we discussed at the session. The over-the-knee spanking made me really wet, as you noticed, and the dragon tail/flogger/spanking on the bench was painful, but definitely did not push my limit, which is great from our previous conversations about our first session. I found myself in a frenzy almost immediately after physical contact started.

The rope experiment was so fun. The chest harness you tied on me was absolutely beautiful and you tied me with such speed and grace. I really was awestruck of your abilities with knots and rope, I learned a lot from asking you questions. I really appreciate you educating me on such things. I don't have access to anyone in the kink community with all the knowledge that you do, it's really inspiring...

One thing I noticed is that I wasn't as dazed today as I was the first session. Last year after our appointment I was extremely relaxed, my eyes were half-lidded all day, and it was like I was on a different planet! This time, I feel relaxed, and a little sore, but I think the impact of last session drugged me up in a great way. I wonder if in our next session we could explore impact again, this time with variations like we chatted about, and maybe test and experiment with where my pain tolerance is. I'm curious if that effect was from the pain or not.

What can I say about the night... sigh. It was fantastic and I loved being your plaything for the evening...

Sandy - Winnipeg, Manitoba

A great work over, Sensei!! A privilege to be in the hands of a Master. And a fantastic facility, which overwhelmed a jaded old sot like me. Want to get back in there soon! So much to try - if it pleases Sensei. I could tell Sensei felt at home there. Understandably.


Sensei was more gentle this time. Deliberately so. Part of training of my body and mind that they offer no resistance as he treats me. And makes me grow. At my age I should be shrinking. I am not. With Sensei's guidance. What a wonderful adventure. I feel twenty years younger.


I have been flogged many times, and done the flogging myself, many times, but strangely never on a solid frame. I have attended 'seminars' with (self-proclaimed) masters on the subject. I understand how it works. I understand the 'high'. It was flogging that set me free of vanilla sex years ago and changed me - for the better. Love the feeling of the total restraint on the cross. I wanted it as soon as I saw the device. It intensifies the whole experience. Your 'technique' was perfect. A most serious compliment. I think I could have taken a harder beating but harder is not the point - which isn't to say that such might not be necessary for Sensei's purposes another time.


The gentle judo beat down was also great. A head trip to a space I never been. Core to Sensei's power over me. Good to build on. 

John - Manhattan, NY

Thanks for the kinky play last night. Enjoyed exploring the dungeon. Hope you had a hot time as well. :). Have a great holiday and see you in the new year. xoxo.

Alice - Oakville, Ontario

Oh my, where could I begin ?

He is physically in very good shape (everywhere), very nice lines . . .

Meticulously clean . . . (though I expect no less)

He is prepared . . as in a plan B, C and D !

He is organized and intuitive, with a true 'bend' (kink headspace) and is very confident, but thankfully not arrogant (out of context). He is so very masterful that he can, I believe, allow himself to be considerate and can change in a second to accommodate while still maintaining total control. He checked his work and myself fairly frequently.

He very much 'heard' what I was asking for and understood what I needed! !

He is quite learned and multi-dimensional . . . a very interesting individual . . .

His library is extensive and comprehensive pertaining mainly to optimal performance, attitude, BDSM, with a concentration on psychology, physiology and sexology, (both female and male).

After our conversation, he led me to an array of menacing looking instruments for me to inspect, lol, and spoke to me a little about how some were used, why and precautions to be taken.

He not only described the articles, but rendered examples (my fave!)

Bottom line, I was not quite sure what to expect, but as he began to go up one side of me and down the other . . . with a 'take no hostages' attitude, I took absolute pleasure in every moment . . He met my passions and desires with proficiency and sensual prowess . . . Mmm . . it has been such a long while since I have been allowed to play! lol And I was however surprised on 2 counts ! One . . . I DON'T SUBMIT! But there I was . . . a virtual 'sub cliché' . . and Two, because he had such 'balance', I would in future allow him to go a fair lot further than I ever intended, I must say, in scenario and application.

I also found I could handle a reasonable amount, in that it was my first time, but he layered so masterfully and deliciously, In one instance, he took me from 0 to 100 in seconds . . . Hmm, I thought I was pretty good but . . . apparently I have been missing some things, lol!!

I told him he could leave marks (reasonably) on my body but not where it would be obvious, and God knows he didn't miss anything! I thought I'd look like a walking 'Etch-a-Sketch', but I have '0' marks anywhere but my bum : ) Ahhh. . . he IS Masterful ! ! He used a little of everything on me, always asking me "on a scale of 1-10 . .” ) I assume because he doesn't know me . . and because man, did some of it sting and burn! GEEZE!!! However, by all indication, he is a very intelligent, very meticulous and intuitive Dom!

I would certainly engage in this type of play again with him, and intend to, though it will have to be a treat I give myself.

Jane - Toronto, ON - August 2014

I am a senior guy visiting Toronto this summer and had a great series of sessions with Master Tom. I am particularly interested in urethral sounding and Master Tom gave me the most intense experiences I have ever had with sounds.

If you have ever wondered about sounding, I would highly recommend Master Tom for your first time. He is obsessed with safety and clinical level cleanliness.

He is also obsessed with giving his clients the most intense experience possible and he has an uncanny way of quickly understanding your body and what makes you sexually tick.

There is absolutely no rush at all and he is as committed to the experience as his clients are. He puts the client totally at ease, and discusses thoroughly what the clients needs and and then how he intends to create that experience.

On top of all of this Master Tom is super sexy with a perfect body and handsome face.

His hands are magical. He is a very engaging, a well balanced individual, and a superb conversationalist - when you are not being blown away by his technique! If you are not interested in sounding, do not worry, he's also equally fantastic in so many other ways.

David - Bejiing, China

Good morning!

Passing along this follow-up note as requested ;)

First off - thank you for an amazing time! Really. Learned a lot... experience a lot... orgasmed a lot... ;)

Truth is -- the ability to "feel" that deeply... and just surrender to experience... was beyond anything I would have anticipated it would be. So thank you beyond measure for that.

Feeling great today. No real aches or pains. However, my ass is still red... with some seriously beautiful markings on it. A gift to carry with me from our session.


Nina - Toronto, ON

Hello Master Tom,

First thank you so much for an astounding experience last Sunday. I really appreciate all the time and effort you took in setting everything up.

I am sorry that I didn't write sooner - I have been in work mode since our meeting - and now have a chance to take a breathe and drop you a line.

the session far exceeded expectations. When I left I just wanted to totally decompress. I actually walked all the way back to my hotel because I didn't want another human in my space as I processed it all. All a very good thing, mind you.

You were clinical, supportive and connected. Loved it. I never felt unsafe. I always knew I was in skilled hands.

The high point was actually the final whipping. I am so glad we used the cross. It made all the difference. To be tightly secured to the cross and unable to flail around as the whipping progressed was simply mind blowing. At the same time to be able to push one's body into the padding of the cross as the whipping progressed was strangely comforting. The impact came from one side and a sense of soft comfort from the cross' padding was just the right juxtaposition. As you observed, I think I could have taken more. Maybe I could have handled a few strokes from the single tail to finish it off.

The initial flogging was good too. It was hot being strung up from the ceiling. Maybe to have been completely naked at that point with legs spread as well could have been an enhancement.

I like the violet wand. I have had it before and it is effective in getting the nerves all revved up. I actually done more severe electro which I really like as well.

The piercing was remarkable. I think I could have handled more. I understood what you were hoping for with the string. Trying to force an erection to pull on the strings to increase the tension on the needles. Having the piercing down there was hot. You are such an expert at getting the most pain out of those needles. The nipple you didn't pierce that you teased with the needle was wild. You could have kept that up all night. 

BTW I loved it when you instructed me to remove your vest.

What an amazing venue! So much more in there I would have loved to have tried. I can't get the spike chair out of my head. To be secured to that and have either serious electro and/or piercing applied. WILD!

I hope that you will consider seeing me again. I will be in Toronto again, although I can't give you any firm dates.

Thank you again, very much.

Gary - San Francisco, CA

Hello Master Tom!

It's the day after and I'm more properly in a frame of mind to give you my report. Last night was fun and exciting. My bum is quite black and blue today, but it feels like a nice reminder of what happened. I've been icing it periodically and the welts have gone down. That was the most intense impact play I've ever done, so I'm a bit sore, but it's not a bad thing. I was walking around today and the pain of the bruises was making me wet.

I really enjoyed the closeness, the tenderness, and also, the restraint all at the same time. I also enjoyed the numerous orgasms, of course. It was a great release for me.  Today I feel extremely relaxed and blissed out. I'm back at our place in Toronto after being out all day, and now I just want to nap for a while!

I think for next time I'd like to play around more with restraint instead of such intense impact (I'm maybe more of a wimp than I thought).

Jennifer - Toronto, ON

Master Tom,

Thank you for the session last night, Sir.

This morning I feel relaxed and content. I can see the marks of my training. My nipples are deliciously sensitive and I find myself frequently touching them, especially the pierced one.

The dungeon space is very impressive, in terms of the equipment and the amount of space devoted to it.

I enjoyed the bondage and the flogging - the rope suspension was a new and welcome experience. Although the rope and arms around my neck were initially disconcerting, I knew you wouldn't take that type of play very far.

Thank you again, Sir.

Mark - San Diego, CA

Good evening Master Tom,

As promised, I wanted to follow up on our session yesterday. It will take me a while to process what happened, but I have a few preliminary thoughts I wanted to share:

Wow. I know I have said this after each session we have had, but yesterday's was the best session you and I have had together. I was expecting a new level in S&M, building on our past time together, but the program you put together yesterday just blew my mind. If someone had told me even just 6 months ago that I would be allowing someone to perform needle play on me I would have had them committed. Yet here I was yesterday, willingly accepting (and dare I say craving) this new experience, which is like nothing I have ever felt before.

You and I have discussed trust in the past, but I feel yesterday was a watershed. Under normal circumstances, my mind would have been going in overdrive analysing the risk inherent in needle play, worries around marks arising from such activities... Instead, I found myself accepting it to happen and decided to let myself enjoy the experience. This is very unusual for me, and it occurred to me today that trust is having to give up control. This feels blindingly obvious now, but I never relised that trust and control were related. In truth, this is sort of life changing for me, and I will need more time to process it. But if I am right, this session will have opened a door I did not know existed. Few things are as precious as that...

I can't pretend I remember everything that happened yesterday (one of the bad sides of being naturally high), but I do know that for the first time in my life, I actually sought pain. I DO remember the satisfied look on your face as you inserted needles in my body, and the happiness I felt at being penetrated in this way. As the evening progressed, and you increased your level of sadism by applying electricity to the needles, I felt that your sadism and my desire for pain were in fact the same impulse. Again, this may be obvious now, but I never realised that the S and the M were symbiotic. Your enjoyment at seeing me suffer was mirrored by my enjoyment at receiving pain from you. I even thought at some point of begging you to flog the living daylights out of me (knowing how much I loathe impact play). Now that I realise this, I'm not sure I will ever look at pain in the same way...

Finally, as I reflect on yesterday, I am struck by the fact that our session may in fact have been performance art. It is well documented that art is both a process and a result. A process because art is creation. The bondage you performed on me was the creation of a state that did not exist before, and although you were the artist, we did it together. Result because at the end of our session, I felt augmented in an unquantifiable way by the experience you created for me. I know this will sound a little flaky, but the best part of our session is we created art together: I was canvas and you were the artist.

As I mentioned before, these are preliminary thoughts. Not sure any of this makes sense, but as I further process, I may be able to clarify some of these thoughts. In any event, what I feel now most keenly is gratitude for the fact that you have expanded my horizons. My only hope is that our time together brought you at least a fraction of the personal growth you have given me.

I look forward to our next session.


Tim - Toronto, ON

Hello Master,

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? All is well here. Back is still yummingly warm and glowing. Nipples hot and bothered, but that is about it.

Unfortunately, I am back to trying to control things this morning. Such is life. Great session. Wow where did the time go? Was looking forward to getting my balls caught in the stocks. Well, let's put that on the list for the Fall event. The only thing I would have done differently was to have stripped completely naked for the whipping on the cross. Feeling the violet wand down there would have been wild.

The exam room option got me thinking. Maybe next time the prisoner goes to the exam room first for examination to assure he is strong enough for torture? Ah, options.

Thank you again, and hope to see you in the Fall. I know that I am in good hands....with just enough room left for imaginary doubts.

John - San Francisco, CA

Since this was my first spanking ever, I came not knowing what to expect. I was told by another Dom to just trust Master Tom, that it was clear that he was a professional with a lot of experience and knew what he was doing. Nothing could have been truer.

His introduction had me totally at ease by the time he started spanking me. He used a large flat leather glove to contrast with his rapid fire pummelling, first on my shorts, eventually on my bare ass. All through this, he kept forcing me to focus on how I was breathing and kept reinforcing that throughout the session.

By the time he attached me to the St. Andrew’s Cross for the core experience, I felt prepared. Master Tom used a wide variety of instruments on my ass, comparing and contrasting how the earlier spanking blows become a relief as the instruments get harder and sharper. What seemed a bit difficult at first became totally welcome as new instruments brought new levels of pain. I was blind-folded to make me concentrate on the sensations and on the noise of each impact. From my standpoint, it totally worked. While a lot of it was jolting, I really understood and, through the breathing and some imaging on my part, I was able to ride with it whatever he was doing.

Master Tom had me in difficulty in a couple of instances, most notably with the buggy whip (I think) which was sharp and insistent and which he did use for what seemed like long periods on two occasions. He had me squirming madly and struggling for sure. I really had to concentrate to keep myself under control but it was nothing like trying to handle the four overwhelming blows he used to finish the core part of the session. I thought it was a thick leather strap he had but he did use three wooden paddles at various times, one with holes, and it now seems more likely to me that it was one of those. With them, he had my body totally melting, the stuffing knocked out of me. I didn’t use his safe word but if he had hit me with the same force one more time, I could not have gotten through it. As it was, I was nauseous; that would have been an even more embarrassing result if he hit me again and I threw up. Whatever it was, I still deep deep down felt the pain and its aftermath for days.

Master Tom never made things happen longer than I could take. He pushed me at times but knew exactly what I was experiencing and played me. This certainly established my limits at this stage.

Master Tom then took me down and into a vigorous cool-down that ended in the most beautiful light double flogging I could ever imagine. Divine.

Master Tom was very open and supportive throughout. My Dom friend was very impressed by my heavily marked ass and thighs, declaring that my first spanking had been a good, thorough thrashing. In spite of that, while I felt light headed, I felt good and did not feel crushed or overwhelmed by the hour plus session. Eventually, the four paddle strokes that ended the St. Andrew’s Cross part did take over my mind and my being but that was largely during the second day when the pain in my ass reached epic proportions for me.

Into the third day (slightly less than two days after the session), the heavier aspects of the pain quickly subsided and I was largely left with a deep-seated hurt where the paddle strokes had hit. As everything was receding, I found myself grabbing and squeezing my ass to revive some of the sharper pains which by then I was finding surprisingly pleasurable.

All in all, as a first experience, I found it amazing and quite extraordinary.

Yuri G. - Latvia


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